An Update from the Board

An Update from the Board

Dear Parents:

We have come to the end of another school year, and we marvel at how fast time goes by! We thank God for His blessings on Trinity over the past year and for His grace to every member of our school community. We also thank Him for the successful celebration of our 50th Anniversary.

Core Values

At the beginning of this calendar year, the Board, with some parents and members of staff, set out to develop core values for Trinity. The values developed clarify who we are as a school and what we stand for. These values will form the foundation on which we will conduct ourselves. They will guide our business processes and decision making.

Trinity’s core values are based on existing beliefs about the school and capture the culture we hope will define our community as we pursue our mission and vision in a rapidly changing world. These statements were reviewed and well received by staff, a number of pastors, and members who attended the Bylaws town-hall meeting. They were also approved at the Spring membership meeting held on April 27, 2015. The core values are as follows:

At Trinity

  • we value a Biblical foundation and Christian worldview that guides all we do
  • we value equipping each child to become a disciple of Christ and a faithful steward in the world
  • we value cultivating a passion for learning
  • we value continuous improvement to promote excellence
  • we value innovation through reflection and renewal
  • we value a school community that comprises a variety of denominations, races, and socio-economic backgrounds within the Christian faith
  • we value a culture of humility, respect, and integrity
  • we value effective communication, collaboration, and accountability

As a Board, we intend to uphold these values to the best of our ability. We invite you to join us, and together, we will make Trinity a beacon of quality Christian education.

Board Transitions

Important changes have occurred on the Board over the past month. Four of our members have completed their terms and been replaced by new members. We would like to use this opportunity to express heartfelt gratitude to David Lammers (past Chair), Henry Lammers (Transportation and Facilities), James Bosma (Marketing and Communications), and Tony Castelli (HR and CPC) for their very significant contributions to the Board. Kelvin Loveless (Treasurer), who has completed his initial term, will continue in his role for an additional year.

We welcome Charolette Cascioli, DJ Van Belle, Kurt Sieders, and Michelle Schwarz. We appreciate and thank God for their willingness to serve the school. The Board now comprises the following members:

Rob Schaafsma — Exec (Board Chair)

Udeme Anosike — Exec (Vice Chair), Contract Partnership Committee

Kelvin Loveless — Exec (Treasurer)

Kurt Sieders — Exec (Board Clerk)

Charolette Cascioli — HR Committee

Debbie Bertoia — Program Committee

DJ Van Belle — Strategic Planning Committee

Judy Williams — Parent Rep Committee, Fundraising Events Board rep

Kieran Murphy — HR Committee, Contract Partnership Committee

Michelle Schwarz — Parent Rep Committee, Marketing & Communications Board rep

Randy Glasbergen — Facilities Committee, Transportation Board rep

We ask that you keep us in your prayers, asking for God’s wisdom and grace as we lead.


Fundraising Campaign Feasibility Study

We have recently completed a study aimed at testing the readiness of our support community for a capital campaign to fund our bursary program. We are currently reviewing the results of the study and will share a summary with you soon.


Yours in Christ,

The Trinity Board