Saint Valentine

Dear Parents, It’s that time of year again where love is in the air, or at the very least Valentine’s Day is upon us. While it has certainly been turned into another commercial holiday where chocolate, flowers, and expensive jewellery take the forefront, it’s origins are actually much richer and are worth a deeper look.…

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Dear Parents, When we think of characteristics of Christ that seem to provide a stark contrast to what we find in society, one that immediately comes to mind is compassion. By definition, compassion is a strong feeling of concern for the hardships or sufferings of others. This could be in response to someone who is…

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Dear Parents, What comes to mind when you think of the word Wonder? This is one of the things that we discussed during our chapel time today. When you explore some of the definitions of wonder, words like admiration, amazement, awe, and marvel stand out. This type of wonder is synonymous with God, who created…

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Dear Parents, I came across a great article recently entitled, “The Risk in Things that We Don’t Do,” written by George Couros. It was a great reminder that taking risks is an essential part of our lives. Whenever we want to start something new, there will always be a risk involved; however, there is also…

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Refocusing on God

Dear Parents, Happy New Year! While the hope and excitement of a fresh start seems to be waning already with the return of remote learning and restrictions, it is increasingly clear that we need to look up and find our strength and joy in the Lord alone. Over these past few days, I have been…

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Unspeakable Joy

Dear Parents, Joy unspeakable Joy… this is what God offers us through the birth of His son Jesus. This is what we celebrate in this advent season. While a dictionary definition of joy is great pleasure, happiness or rejoicing, these all fall short of a Biblical definition, which focuses on an unchangeable state that is…

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The Gift of Shalom

Artistic rendering of the word Shalom

Dear Parents, What is it that our hearts and our world long for the most? Arguably peace or Shalom would top our list. In this 2nd week of Advent, we considered what the word Shalom means and some of its implications. While the word peace is often the translation for Shalom, the original Hebrew word…

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Jesus: A Seed of Hope

Colorful metal cutout of the word hope in a garden

Dear Parents, Almost on cue, the energy and excitement levels seemed to increase overnight with the arrival of December 1st. Even as we started our chapel this morning with our regular “Good Morning”, there was a noticeable difference in the volume of the students’ response. Something about the Christmas season sparks something in us. While…

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The Gift of Language

Hello in different languages

Dear Parents, It amazes me how God has brought together such a diverse group of people to form our community at Trinity, which is all the richer because of the numerous cultural backgrounds represented in our school. While English is the primary language that we use to communicate amongst each other, the reality is that…

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Clothe Yourselves with Kindness

Photo of sign that says Be Kind

Dear Parents, One thing I particularly love about Trinity is our chapel time. It’s so special to see each class share spiritual themes that are coming up in their classrooms. Today, we were blessed to have our youngest students in the school challenge us about displaying one of the fruits of the spirit: kindness. In…

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