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Giving Thanks

Posts by Maia Bosma

Giving Thanks

Autumn forest with stream

Dear Parents, As we enter Thanksgiving weekend, I feel that it is an important time to reflect on the various ways that God has abundantly blessed us. During our staff devotionals this Monday, we took some time to write down what we are thankful for as a staff. Our students and parent community came up…

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The Power of Storytelling

Open Bible on rock outside

Dear Parents, Who doesn’t like a good story? Many leading psychologists and researchers have commented on the power of narrative in our lives. They suggest that we were created and hardwired to understand the world through stories. For many of us, the first exposure we had to storytelling goes back to the Bible, and God’s…

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Healthy Relationships

holding hands

Dear Parents, What is essential to the health of every community? I would argue that relationships are the building blocks through which everything else flows. That’s why one of our Strategic themes is that Relationships Matter. We are making it our mandate to foster meaningful connections within and beyond Trinity. In a recent video on…

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Fall Market & Bazaar

bazaar info

Visit the annual Fall Market & Bazaar on Saturday, November 16th, from 8 am-2 pm at Trinity Christian School! Browse our Giant Garage Sale, Handmade Market, Silent Auction, Baked Goods, Kids Games & Entertainment, Cheese & Meats, Greenhouse Plants, Tea & Treats, Pottery, Buffet Lunch + more! There is something for everyone!

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MAP Growth

students colouring

Dear Parents, Throughout this year, we will be updating you on various initiatives that will be taking place in order to help us achieve the ambitious goals that we have committed to as part of our new Strategic Plan. At our Curriculum Evening, I shared some of the main themes and objectives that we will…

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Awakening Curiosity – A Tale from Grade 2

Bird on a lightpost

Our first Grade 2 science lesson began with our Wonder Box. We talked about how the word “wonder” can both mean “I wonder…what…why…how…” or it can mean “Wow!  How WONDERful!!”. Then we went out on a “Matter Hunt” to find things that were hard, soft, rough…etc.  The class found a bird of prey as well!!It…

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Shining His Light

Floating lanterns at night

Dear Parents, What will the world be like when my children grow up? This is a question I often hear and have asked myself over the years. If we listen to the news or scroll through the headlines, the answer we typically find suggests a very bleak outlook that certainly points to our world as…

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We made it!

Graduating class throwing hats

Dear Parents, We made it! All of your children’s hard work, as well as everything you did in the background to help them succeed, has paid off. You can now enjoy some well deserved time off (at least the children can). We are so proud of each one of our students at Trinity for the…

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Coming to a Close

Kids running out of school

Dear Parents, It’s hard to believe that we are down to a week of school left. I feel that my first year at Trinity has flown by and been filled with countless blessings. As the year draws to a close, I would like to highlight one of the individuals that has made great contributions to…

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God’s Masterpieces

Painting a Canvas

Recently, I had the opportunity to participate in a unique musical workshop. We started by listening to musical pieces and describing the emotions and adjectives that best represented what we heard. Afterwards, everyone shared the words that they had jotted down. It was fascinating to see how similar emotions and descriptions came out with certain…

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