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Introducing Burlington's first private, Christian French immersion program.

We are excited to announce the addition of a French Immersion program to our existing model of Christ-centered education.

In September 2023, we will be offering one or two classes in the primary grades (1-3) based on interest. We are committed to adding classes year over year until we reach a full French Immersion stream from Grades 1 to 8. Our program will consist of French instruction throughout the day in all subjects with the exception of our regular English Language Arts classes. Our goal is to equip students to thrive in both English and French, while adhering to our mission of awakening curiosity, nurturing faith, and inspiring learners to reflect Jesus everywhere.

We look forward to connecting with you and discussing this at greater length.

Why French Immersion?

Over the years, Research has shown that French Immersion has the following benefits:

Our Approach: One Heart, Two Languages

  • Mirrored program to English stream - i.e., same socials projects in both grades; each class is aligned
  • TEAMS (Grade 1 team, even though learning is done in 2 different languages)
  • Collaboration
  • Integration of Christian worldview - we are taking that same "product" and diversifying it - 2 languages
  • Teachers with a heart for Christian education combined with CSTC and OCT Certification
  • Responsive Classroom training 
  • Same program with delivery in a different language

Program Overview

Grades 1–4:
75–80% French Instruction w/ English Language Arts 20%

Grades 5–8:
Approximately 50% French Instruction w/ English Language Arts & Math 50%

French Immersion Inquiry Form

Please let us know you're interested in our French Immersion program by filling out the form below. We'll keep you informed about the program as our plans progress.