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At Trinity, every student is believed to be an image-bearer of our God; uniquely created for His glory. The Learning Resource Program (LRP) seeks to enable all students to meaningfully participate and access curriculum as they develop God-given gifts for His service and further education.

The Learning Resource Program at Trinity embodies the framework of Response to Intervention (RTI) to support students. RTI is a multi-tier approach that recognizes the importance of early identification and support of students with learning and behaviour needs using increasing levels of intensity (Howard, 2009). RTI in not a specific program, but rather a framework, with intent to provide a rich process, underscored by a responsive attitude towards the individual needs of each student.

The essential components to RTI include: high-quality classroom instruction (e.g., Literacy Place, JUMP Math), ongoing student monitoring and assessment (e.g., DRA, Reading a-z, Ontario Writing Assessment), tiered instruction and intervention (e.g., Levelled Literacy Intervention) and parental involvement and support (Buffman, Mattos & Weber, 2009).

Learning Resource Teachers’ (LRT) role at Trinity Christian School is collaborative, pro-active, data-informed and research-driven. The LRT role provides support to teachers, students and parents. We firmly believe that we do our best work when we work together as a team, sharing our experience and expertise in order to best help students. Within the RTI framework, LRTs and classroom teachers collaboratively work together to respond to the individual needs of each student. As intensity of support increases, LRTs may provide both in-class and “pull-out” assistance and/or intervention depending on the individual needs of each student.

Individual Education Plans (IEPs) are developed for students for whom access to learning the curriculum requires the provision of specific environmental, instructional and evaluational accommodations and/or modifications to the amount or level of curriculum expectations (e.g., working outside of grade level expectations). These plans also identify and outline the specific strengths and areas of need for the student.

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Howard, M. (2009). RTI From All Sides: What Every Teacher Needs to Know. Portsmouth, NH: Heinemann.


Teaching Team

My passion for Special Education began early in my teaching career as I worked closely with and learned from Resource Teachers to help meet the needs of all students in my class – some who struggled with learning while others needed opportunities to extend their learning. During my years working for public school boards in both Toronto and inner city London, I taught students with vastly different backgrounds, abilities and home experiences. At Trinity, I am excited to work and partner with parents and teachers to help meet students’ academic, behavioural, emotional and social needs. I believe every child is “fearfully and wonderfully made” and I am passionate about helping to develop and provide safe, accessible, inclusive education for all God’s children.

Learning Resource TeacherBA – Psychology – McMaster
BEd (Hons) – Lakehead University
Ontario Certified Teacher
MEd – Educational Studies – Educational Psychology/Special Education – University of Western Ontario

Christy Mack - Learning Resource Teacher
I have had the privilege of teaching at Trinity Christian School in various capacities since 2005. I have taught in both the primary and junior divisions, and am delighted to be the Kindergarten and Primary Division’s Learning Resource Teacher this year. I have always been passionate about children with exceptionalities and firmly believe that each and every child is a precious gift from God. It is a huge joy and an incredible blessing to be able to come alongside our future kingdom workers as they uncover their God-given talents. My five year degree in Special Education from Calvin College has instilled in me a passion and vision for inclusive education in our Ontario Christian Schools and I am excited to dream about what that means for Trinity moving forward.

BA – Calvin College
BSpecEd – Calvin College
Christian School Teaching Certificate
Ontario Certified Teacher

Jenny Hamelinck - Learning Resource Teacher
I joined the Trinity community in September 2015. In 1998 I began my teaching career with excitement and enthusiasm, since then I have been eager to learn and fostered my passion for integrating technology in education. The 21st century classroom provides daily challenges and stretches my faith to trust in Jesus Christ to provide the knowledge and understanding of how to live out my life as an example to my students. Discovering assistive technology tools that provide students with exceptionalities success brings fulfillment as an educator.

BRE – Heritage College
CSE – Heritage College
Spec Ed 1 – Redeemer University College

Jason Jarvis - Learning Resource Teacher, Learning Resource Teacher
Every child wants to do well at school. It is the joy and challenge of the teacher to help each child find the paths to producing beautiful and excellent work that sings praise to their Creator. My students and colleagues have taught me so much, and each day of my time at Trinity has been covered by God’s grace. Teaching is an amazing privilege that invites me into the lives of my students, and I am truly richer for the experience.

BA – Psychology – University of Western Ontario
BEd – University of Western Ontario
Special Education Specialist – Brock University
Christian School Teaching Certificate – Redeemer University College
Ontario Certified Teacher

Vivian Vanderhoek - Learning Resource Teacher