A Faithful Presence

Dear Parents,

Recently, we have been thinking about what it means to bring Shalom to our community and how, as James Davison Hunter proposed, we can be a, “faithful presence,” to the world around us. This involves the idea of using our gifts to help others flourish around us. We had the opportunity to live this out as a school by leaving our physical space at Trinity and going out into our Tansley Community to encourage our neighbours through Chalk Art.
All of our K-grade 8 students went out with chalk in hand to draw pictures and leave heartfelt messages to our Tansley neighbours. It also gave us a chance to connect with our neighbours when they stepped out of their homes and see what would put a smile on their face and lift their spirits today. It was a way our students could demonstrate their love for our neighbours and make sure that they know they are loved by both God and us. Just as God paints beautiful tapestries in the skies for us daily and reveals Himself to us in the design of His creation, we too can point others to Jesus by using our creative gifts for His glory.

Our hope is that we would be a faithful presence in our neighbourhood and convey a sense of love, hope, and peace to them, as we continue to engage with them throughout this school year.

J-D Lussier, Principal