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Trinity School of Music

School of Music

Trinity School of Music offers private music lessons throughout the school day.

Lessons are available in piano, guitar, voice, theory, brass, woodwinds, and percussion. Lessons are taught by qualified Christian teachers who strive to inspire each student to achieve their musical goals.

School of Music Instructors

Holly ReynoldsSchool of Music Director Piano instructorsom@tcsonline.ca
Jennifer ColeGuitar/Piano instructorjennifer.cole@tcsonline.ca
Melissa DutchPiano/voice instructormelissa.dutch@tcsonline.ca
William MukunaGuitar & Drumswilliam.mukuna@tcsonline.ca
Abigail VeenstraPiano & Voiceabigail.veenstra@tcsonline.ca
Policies /Procedures & Registration (2019-2020)PDF Download

For more information, contact:

School of Music Director

Holly Reynolds