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Student Code of Conduct


The purpose of the Student Code of Conduct is to encourage students to follow the Christian standards of behaviour by clearly indicating acceptable behaviour.


My relationship with God

  • I will speak of God in respectful ways.
  • I will respect Bible reading, prayer, sharing and other habits that build relationship with God.
  • I will respect myself because God created me in His image.

My relationship with those in authority

  • I will be respectful in my speech and conduct.
  • I will be obedient to those in authority over me.
  • I will not condone disrespect displayed by others to those in authority.

My Relationship to others

  • I will be respectful of others and I will not engage in bullying actively or as bystander.
  • I will address everyone properly and not resort to name calling, swearing or dirty language towards others.
  • I will respect everyone’s property and use it only with permission.
  • I will encourage everyone to feel included.
  • I will respect everyone’s person and remember, "no touching except for helping.”
  • I will learn to apologize when I fail and seek God’s strength to continue building a community of love and respect.

My relationship to school property

  • I will respect school property. This includes furniture, books, equipment and building.
  • I will report any damage done and volunteer to pay for damages if I am responsible.
  • I will accept responsibility for the cleanliness of the school and grounds.