Small, but Mighty

May 19, 2022

Dear Parents, Our theme today in chapel was “Small, but Mighty!” Our grade 3 students gave us some beautiful illustrations from nature as to how God has made some small…

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Pieces of Art

May 12, 2022

Dear Parents, For a moment, picture a beautiful piece of art. It could be something hanging in a museum or on your mantle at home. The art itself could be…

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Support: A Key Ingredient to Success

May 5, 2022

Dear Parents, What is one of the most important ingredients to the success of any team, organization, or community? When we think of some of the all-time great athletes like…

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The Gift of Language

April 21, 2022

Dear Parents, Languages: they can be the source of both unity and division. When we look at their origin, we can trace them all the way back to Genesis 11.…

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Hope in Jesus

April 14, 2022

Dear Parents, Right on cue, the spring flowers are starting to bloom and the earth is reawakening with Easter on our doorstep. After what has felt like a very long…

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The Greatest Commandment

April 7, 2022

Dear Parents, What is our greatest responsibility in caring for our children? There are some obvious things that come to mind like providing food, clothes, and shelter. Protection and keeping…

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The Aroma of Christ

March 31, 2022

Dear Parents, As we end the month of March, the signs of Spring finally seem to be appearing around us. The most obvious one is the warmer weather and sun…

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Shining Brightly

March 24, 2022

Dear Parents, I hope that you and your family had a great March break and that it was a time of refreshment and renewal. Whenever we return from the break,…

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Head Versus Heart

March 10, 2022

Dear Parents, Over the course of the past week, the theme of head knowledge versus heart knowledge has come up several times in conversations that I have had with teachers…

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Open House – You’re Invited!

March 3, 2022

We’re so pleased to open our doors again for a live, in-person Open House event. Date: March 24, 2022 Time: 7-8:30PM Location: Trinity Christian School Join us for an introduction…

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