Kindergarten Division

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The Kindergarten Division at Trinity includes Tiny Titans, Junior Kindergarten (JK) and Senior Kindergarten (SK).

The Kindergarten program at Trinity aims to instill a love of learning through a combination of direct instruction and learning through play.

We seek to give our students the tools they need to prepare them for the transition to Grade One, while also respecting the unique way God has created young children. Our classrooms are places rich in print, literature, music, art and many hands-on activities. We work to develop an atmosphere in which we follow Jesus’ example of servant-hearted love by growing the social skills needed to become active members of our classroom and school community.

Our Kindergarten is a place of active, playful learning.  Our students are introduced to the building blocks of reading through phonemic awareness instruction. Numeracy skills are developed through learning with hands-on materials. Through inquiry and instruction in Creation Studies we point our students’ eyes to our amazing God.


Teaching Team

I started teaching at Trinity Christian School right after graduating from teacher’s college in 1990. I taught grades 1, 2 and 3 during the first few years of my teaching career. After having children of my own, and being at home for a few years, I returned to teaching first at John Knox in Fruitland, and then back to Trinity in 1999. I have been teaching Senior Kindergarten for many years, and I continue to love this age group. I am thankful that Trinity is a place where God’s name is honoured and glorified. I am thankful that I can live out my faith in every subject that I teach. As I teach, lead, and guide the students that God has placed in my class, I am always amazed that God uses them to teach and to bless me as well.

Senior KindergartenBA – Brock University
B.Ed – Brock University
Ontario Certified Teacher

Diane DeGroot - Combined Kindergarten
I began teaching at the age of five, when I sat my mother down at the dining room table and coerced her into being my student. Eventually, I made it official when I received my BA in Elementary Education (Primary/Junior) from Calvin College in 1986. I gained experience in Grades 1 to 3 at a variety of schools, including overseas. I came to Trinity in 2005 to teach the very first Junior Kindergarten class. I have come to love working with four-year-old children. I love to engage their curiosity, their enthusiasm for learning and their playfulness. Most of all, though, I love to see them grow in their understanding of God, his love for them, and their place in his Story.

BA – Calvin College
Ontario Certified Teacher

Marjorie Schaafsma - Combined Kindergarten
I have been is teaching the Alternate Day Kindergarten program here at Trinity since it began in 2013. We call ourselves the Tiny Titans and our days are full of fun and learning. I am an RECE (Registered Early Childhood Educator) and I have been working with children off and on for 25 years. I am a wife and a mother of 3 awesome kids who attend Trinity as well. The kids started school at Trinity in 2010,  so it only made sense for me to work here too. I started out filling in here and there as an educational assistant until this position became available and all I can say is that this is where I belong. What more could you want from a job where you get to share God’s love with such open little hearts and minds, and where a hug is just an arm’s length away? Life is so good.

RECE – Registered Early Childhood Educator

Kelly Stronks - Tiny Titans