At Trinity, our teachers care about Christ, care about teaching, and care about children.

All of our teachers have their Teaching Certificate and a vast majority of our faculty are graduates of Christian liberal arts colleges. Teachers work closely with parents to ensure the best possible education for their children. Our unique and valuable shared commitment to Christ by both parents and teachers creates an atmosphere of love and care for the children. Academic excellence is expected and achieved through hard work and regular professional development.


PrincipalJean-Daniel (J-D) LussierBA, MA (Educational Leadership)
Vice PrincipalSara FlokstraBA, BEd, OCT, CSTC, Spec Ed Part
Communications & Office Administrator
Facility Maintenance/Rentals
Administrative AssistantJudy
Director of LearningAudrey McGregorBA, BEd, MEd, OCT, CSTC, Spec Ed
Director of TechnologyJason JarvisBRE, CSE, Spec Ed Part
Art CuratorLeanne BulthuisRECE, BA, BEd,
Trinity School of Music DirectorHolly
Performance DirectorJennifer
Financial AdministratorHeidi
International Admissions ManagerDaniel
CustodiansSylvia and Luis Fuentes


JKSK/Tiny Titans (TT)Diane DeGrootBA, BEd,
JK/SK/Tiny Titans (TT)Marjorie SchaafsmaBA, BEd, OCT, Reading 1, Language Difficulties -
Grade 1Doreen BreukelmanBA, BEd,
Grade 2Jacquie DeRaafBA, BEd, OCT,
Grade 2Annetta LammersBSc, BEd, OCT,
Grade 3Karen WilsonBA, BEd, OCT,
Grade 4Nadine MasengiBA, BEd, OCT, CSTC, Spec Ed 1 &
Grade 5Leanne BulthuisRECE, BA, BEd,
Grade 6Celina RoseBHSc, BEd, OCT, Spec Ed
Grade 7Ainsley SpenceBKin, BEd, OCT Int Conversational French,
Int French Fluency, Spec Ed 1
Grade 8ASara FlokstraBA, BEd, OCT, CSTC, Spec Ed
Grade 8BAl BezuyenBA, BEd, OCT,
Grades 7-8Jason JarvisBRE, CSE, Spec Ed
Student Support Services
Learning Resource TeacherAudrey McGregorBA, BEd, OCT, CSTC, Spec Ed
Learning Resource Teacher/ESLChristine SchneiderBA, BEd, OCT, Spec Ed
Educational Assistant (EA)Martha
Educational Assistant (EA)Michelle
School of Music Teachers
Music TeacherHolly Reynolds
Music TeacherJennifer Cole
Music TeacherMichelle Gellner

Explanation of Credentials:
BA = Bachelor of Arts
BEd = Bachelor of Education
BHSc = Bachelor of Health Sciences
BKin = Bachelor of Kinesiology
BRE = Bachelor of Religious Education
BSc = Bachelor of Science
CSE = Christian School Educator
CSTC = Christian School Teacher's Certificate
MA = Master of Arts
OCT = Ontario Certified Teacher

RECE = Registered Early Child Educator