Trinity Connects (TCX)

Trinity Connects is a parent-led group that organizes and promotes activities benefiting the school community. It's an excellent way to get involved in school activities, especially for those who are new to Trinity! We organize events and volunteer opportunities using the Gigit platform. All Trinity parents are welcome to join us and get involved.

We use a platform called Gigit to organize school events and keep track of volunteer opportunities. Visit our Gigit page by clicking the button below to see what's coming up.

Trinity parents chatting at a school BBQ

Parent Reps

We have parent reps that represent every classroom at Trinity. The mandate for the Parent Rep Team is simple:

    We desire to warmly connect new families to Trinity Christian School.
    We encourage community building efforts within the classroom and school community.
  • CARE
    We love to support and care for our teachers and staff both practically and prayerfully.

Parent reps provide a personal touch and contact point for any family to reach out to. They keep families informed of any efforts in the area of the 3Cs as well as different ways to get involved and connected.


Sycamore Education

Trinity Christian School uses Sycamore Education and the Sycamore App (available in Google and Apple's app stores) to provide families with detailed and secure information about their children and the community.

Sycamore contains information about the school, including a family directory, news items, the school calendar, schedules, forms and other documents. Parents and caregivers can also use it to keep track of their volunteer hours.

Screen shot of Weekly Newsletter

Weekly News

During the school year, we send out a weekly email newsletter to all of our Trinity households. The newsletter contains a brief introduction from our principal and other information about important news and events at Trinity. Individual newsletter items are also posted as news items within Sycamore.

Click these links to view our most recent newsletters:

Mail Bags and "Kiddie Kourier"

Printed forms and other items that need to be sent back and forth from home to office are sent through our Kiddie Kourier system. The youngest (or only) child in each family receives a resealable plastic bag with his/her name on it that is used to courier items between home and school. Children in Grades 3 to 6 receive spiral-bound agendas with plastic pouches in the front that are used for the same purpose.