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Do the values your kids learn at school align with your Christian faith?
Do they set a foundation for a life of integrity, inspired by Christ and led by the Spirit?

At Trinity Christian School, we seek to awaken your children’s curiosity, nurture their faith, and inspire them to reflect Jesus everywhere, wherever they'll go in life.



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Small, but Mighty

May 19, 2022

Dear Parents, Our theme today in chapel was “Small, but Mighty!” Our grade 3 students gave us some beautiful illustrations from nature as to how God has made some small…

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Pieces of Art

May 12, 2022

Dear Parents, For a moment, picture a beautiful piece of art. It could be something hanging in a museum or on your mantle at home. The art itself could be…

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Support: A Key Ingredient to Success

May 5, 2022

Dear Parents, What is one of the most important ingredients to the success of any team, organization, or community? When we think of some of the all-time great athletes like…

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Small, but Mighty

Dear Parents, Our theme today in chapel was “Small, but Mighty!” Our grade 3 students gave us some beautiful illustrations from nature as to how God has made some small…

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Trinity Christian School is more than just a school to us. It's a family! We have been incredibly blessed by the teachers and entire TCS community over the past 4 years. The level of education that our children are receiving is excellent, and the teachers care deeply for them on an academic and spiritual level. Teachers not only model what it is to live a Jesus centered life, but incorporate biblical teaching into all subjects. We are very grateful to be able to send our children to a place where they are loved and cared for, and where Christ is...
a year ago
Michelle Jones
My wife and I have supported Trinity Christian School for three years now and couldn't be more pleased. The faculty are very genuine, take the time necessary to work with our children and communicate with us regularly as needs arise. We had many choices for Christian education for our kids and evaluated them closely, but all signs pointed to Trinity for us. The school is not inexpensive so sacrifices needed to be made but there has not been a single day when we've regretted the decision. Well done Trinity Christian School - may God continue to bless your great work.
a year ago
Reuben Scholtens
We are very thankful that our children are able to learn and grow at Trinity. It is more than a school, it is a community. The teachers are wonderful and the fact that they care not only about our children's education but also their faith is very evident. Students are encouraged to consider God's love and creation in all aspects from Science to Art and Music. A very caring school while providing an excellent education.
a year ago
Karen Carr
The love and support from all the staff and families at Trinity is beyond anything else. You truly feel like a family, a community surrounding your children and their development. The focus on faith based education, all inclusivity and support for the children is second to none. I recommend Trinity to all of my friends. From smaller class sizes, to fantastic sports programs and great teachers you won’t be disappointed ❤️
a year ago
Chantal TheMortgageGirls

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