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Do the values your kids learn at school align with your Christian faith?
Do they set a foundation for a life of integrity, inspired by Christ and led by the Spirit?

At Trinity Christian School, we seek to awaken your children’s curiosity, nurture their faith, and inspire them to reflect Jesus everywhere, wherever they'll go in life.



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Reflect on the journey

June 13, 2024

Dear Parents,It’s hard to believe the school year is coming to a close. While the warmer weather signals that summer is on its way, the final few months have seemed…

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God’s creation

June 6, 2024

Dear Parents, In Romans 1:20, Paul writes, “For ever since the world was created, people have seen the earth and sky. Through everything God made, they can clearly see his invisible…

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Joyful noise to the Lord

May 30, 2024

Dear Parents, The psalmist declares, “Make a Joyful noise to the Lord, all the Earth.” This is what we have been doing at Trinity over the past two days. Starting with our…

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Reflect on the journey

Dear Parents, It’s hard to believe the school year is coming to a close. While the warmer weather signals that summer is on its way, the final few months have…

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Trinity has been a fantastic choice for our family. Our two sons, currently in JK and Grade 2, are flourishing and have had incredible teachers and staff that truly care for them day in and day out. What sets Trinity apart is the incredible sense of Christ-focused community each family gets to be a part of.
4 months ago
Brad Van der Woerd
Trinity Christian School is more than just a school to us. It's a family! We have been incredibly blessed by the teachers and entire TCS community over the past 4 years. The level of education that our children are receiving is excellent, and the teachers care deeply for them on an academic and spiritual level. Teachers not only model what it is to live a Jesus centered life, but incorporate biblical teaching into all subjects. We are very grateful to be able to send our children to a place where they are loved and cared for, and where Christ is...
3 years ago
Michelle Jones
Definitely strongly I recommend this amazing school. The principal Mr. Lussier is the most faithful principal I have ever seen. He always welcomes every students, parents and visitors kindly with a big smile. Of course the teachers are so warm and kind as well. The most amazing thing of this school is there is a praying parents meeting every week. They pray for the school, principal, school boarders, staffs, teachers and students etc. I do feel that God is running this school. One of my great thanks is that my kids have a chance to go this faithful school. They pray before they study and there is...
10 months ago
HJ Jeong
What a blessing to have this school in our city!! Perfect school for growing within Christian faith! Professional and friendly teachers who sincerely care for their students. Especially Mrs. Breukelman and Mrs. Schaafsma! I love them! All staff members here are kind, accommodating and amazing! And principal JD is the most amazing principal i ever seen!!! God bless this school and good job guys! Hope to see them expand so they can open "Trinity Christian High School" in near future : )
a year ago
Dane Jeong

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