A Good Shepherd

Dear Parents,

Here we are in week 2 of the school year. The routines are starting to be established and with it some of the highs and lows of the first week are being levelled out for students, teachers, and parents alike. In its place, a rhythmic pace is being formed to carry us down our educational path this school year. The reality though is that this journey will look different for each student and family, as they navigate through their own bumps in the road, as well as their peaks and valleys.

What do we need to provide us with stability, strength, and peace to create a constant in our life? In just a few words, a Good Shepherd. During our staff devotional and chapel times this week, Mrs. De Raaf reminded us of this truth and brought to light some additional depth to this passage by sharing some of her experiences trekking through the Lands of the Bible. This past May, she had the privilege of taking a trip through Egypt, Syria, Jordan, and Israel to observe first hand the path that the Hebrew people followed almost 3500 years ago.

One of the observations that she made was that the Bedouin shepherds, who still guide their flocks in a traditional manner similar to what David would have experienced as a boy, walked their sheep to “green pastures”, which were really patches of grass that are scattered in small pockets along desert hills. These “green pastures” offered enough nourishment to sustain them until the shepherd found the next area, but they were not large or abundant enough to stay for a long time. In Psalm 23, our Good Shepherd promises to bring us to green pastures, where we will be fed and restored; however, He does not allow us to comfortably set in for an extended stay. Instead, he keeps us moving along the path with the promise of more sustenance down the road.

We know that God is faithful to keep His promises to us, but doesn’t promise us that the journey will necessarily be easy. Already in week 2, we have students and families facing some challenges, including the grief of a loved one as we shared yesterday. There will be more rough terrain ahead; however, we have our Good Shepherd who will be there to guide us along paths where He will love and sustain us, as we listen to His voice and follow Him.

J-D Lussier, Principal