French language instruction at Trinity begins in JK. The Accelerative Integrated Method (AIM) is an intensive methodology that significantly raises the expectations and performance of students in core French classrooms.

Through this approach, all target vocabulary to be learned by the student is taught kinesthetically, visually and in an auditory manner, thus responding to a variety of learning styles. Words are kinesthetically presented through gesture and contextualized through story and drama. Fluency is built by systematically scaffolding the presentation of new vocabulary, beginning with words of highest frequency and widest scope.

The JK and SK program are completely oral and focus on introducing vocabulary that will allow students to begin communicating in the French language. This set of words is taken from the AIM program. In Grades 1-3, the AIM program is more formally introduced. Students review and build upon previously learned vocabulary through the use of plays, games and songs. Repetition is key to ensuring the vocabulary becomes a part of the students’ oral language. Although still oral based, reading and writing are gradually introduced in the middle or towards the end of each grade level. The primary division provides a base of knowledge for students to build upon once they transition to the junior and intermediate levels.

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Teaching Team

I love teaching and I love getting students excited about learning a second language. I see learning a second language as a unique way that we can foster in our students a Christ-like understanding, acceptance and compassion for another culture. In each classroom I teach, I seek to foster a community of joy and trust that will allow students to feel comfortable and confident to try out the new French words we have been learning.

BA (French Minor) – Redeemer University College
BCEd – Redeemer University College
Christian School Teaching Certificate
Ontario Certified Teacher

Danyse Nywening - French (JK-3/4)
It took me a while to figure out that God’s plan was for me to teach. It was while leading a missions trip for teens that I decided to return to Teacher’s College. I travelled around the world, managing the youth programs on cruise ships before I joined the Trinity community in September 2014. I love teaching at Trinity, which is Christ centered, allowing me to share my faith, my love of learning, and hopefully inspire and encourage my students.

BKin (Hons) – Brock University
BEd – Nipissing University
Ontario Certified Teacher
Intermediate Conversational French – Collège Boréal
Intermediate French Fluency – Académie Linguistique Internationale

Ainsley Spence - French (4-8)