Parent Reps

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At Trinity, each class has a parent representative who helps to build personal connections and friendships between families in that class, through various opportunities for families to socialize such as grade parties, potlucks and picnics. Parent representatives also coordinate efforts between parents to demonstrate their appreciation for Trinity teachers and staff.

Grade Level 2017/18 Parent Rep
Kindergarten A Kristen Stoltze
Kindergarten B Tabitha Byrne
Grade 1A  Jeanette Armitage
Grade 1B Suanne Whitfield
Grade 2 Debbie McFarlane
Grade 3 Diana Malda
Grade 4  Heather Lewin
Grade 5  Rebecca Ketelaars
Grade 5/6 Andrea Schwarz
Grade 6  Anna Fox
Grade 7  Rebekah Scott
Grade 8A  Corrine Loh
Grade 8B  Marie Wilden