phillipians 4:13

Reflect Jesus Everywhere

Dear Parents,

It amazes me how God can use the gifts and passions that He has placed within us, if we allow Him to do so, by placing them back in His hands. I was reminded of this as we welcomed a special guest who is using his gifts to have a Kingdom impact.

In his case, Travis used his musical talents for several years in Christian bands to share a gospel message. He has now taken a passion for the most needy in his community by launching a charity, Lionhearts, that provides hundreds of quality meals daily to those who are homeless or do not have adequate access to food. 
Thanks to Travis and his team, local stores are redirecting foods and goods that would otherwise have been wasted to those who need them most. Lives are being changed and hope restored for those emerging from brokenness.
Travis also shared this verse with us, Philippians 4:13, which has had an impact on his life personally. It says, “I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me.” He reminded us that we can do anything God has called us to do, because He is the one who is providing us with His strength.
He also encouraged our students to look for opportunities in their own communities to serve and make a difference, no matter how small they may think their impact will be. As we are obedient to serve in the little things, God causes that to grow into something much bigger than we can imagine.
This also coincides well with the mandate that we all have as Christians to make disciples and care for those in need. As we celebrate Ascension Day, we are reminded of the role that each of us plays in building God’s Kingdom. Our hope is that our students will be inspired by what they heard to use their own talents and gifts to serve others as they “reflect Jesus everywhere”. 

J-D Lussier