We Made It!

galations 6:9

Dear Parents, We made it! This year has certainly been quite a rollercoaster ride with twists and turns, ups and downs, and unexpected changes along the way. Thankfully, God has kept us “on the rails” and guided us to the end. While things were uncertain to use, He knew long before what the journey would…

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God of Wonders

psalm 77:14

Dear Parents, Isn’t it great to pause and think about how wonderful God is and how He inspires “awe” in us? This morning during chapel, this is exactly what we did. Since “Awakening Curiosity” is one of the main themes at the school, our grade 2 class explored the concept of, “Wonder” throughout the school…

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Called to Be Peacemakers

2 corinthians 5:14-15

Dear Parents, Over the past few days, news came out about a great tragedy that took place in Canada many years ago at the Kamloops Indian Residential School in British Columbia. We know that 215 children never made it home to be with their parents.  As a parent, I can only imagine what it would…

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white outline of a dove in front of a flame

Dear Parents, This week during our chapel time we recognized Pentecost, as we will be celebrating the 50th day after Jesus’ resurrection. In the Jewish tradition, a feast that celebrated the beginning of the wheat harvest came 50 days after the last celebration of the First Fruits. Today, we remember Pentecost, because it is the…

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Reflect Jesus Everywhere

phillipians 4:13

Dear Parents, It amazes me how God can use the gifts and passions that He has placed within us, if we allow Him to do so, by placing them back in His hands. I was reminded of this as we welcomed a special guest who is using his gifts to have a Kingdom impact. In…

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Virtual Grandparent’s Day

psalm 103:17

Dear Parents,What a blessing it was this morning to welcome our Trinity Grandparents and grandfriends to our chapel! While we wish the circumstances had been different and that we would be able to celebrate in person as in past years, we still wanted to take the opportunity to recognize the tremendous impact that each Grandparent…

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romans 3:3-5

Dear Parents, Have you or your child(ren) been feeling increasingly less energetic these days, as we navigate through this 3rd wave of lockdown? I recently came across this article that describes our sense of “blah” as languishing. The New York Times goes on to explain that the state of languishing is characterized by joylessness, aimlessness,…

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Creation Care Day

psalm 24:1

Dear Parents, Today at Trinity, we recognized Earth Day or as we would like to call it, Creation Care Day. While there are a number of reasons why individuals around the world take part in Earth Day, we at Trinity want to first and foremost celebrate our Creator God, who purposefully designed the beautiful planet…

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The Importance of Unity

teachers, students, schools

Dear Parents, If you have been following the news lately, you may have noticed that division and mistrust of others, particularly those of different cultural backgrounds, has taken center stage in our society. While the rhetoric is that we are “evolving” as a society and more aware of our differences, the sad reality is that…

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“Love One Another as I Have Loved You”

"He is risen hallelujah!"

Dear Parents, As I sit down to write this message, there is a sense of uncertainty in the air, which has sadly become commonplace every time a major holiday is upon us. In many ways, it seems the cares of this world are on overdrive to pull us away from the essence of why and…

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