mr. jarvis collage

Thank You, Mr. Jarvis!

Dear Parents,

Mr. Jarvis, my chromebook won’t turn on. Mr. Jarvis, all my tabs just closed. Mr. Jarvis, this website is blocked. Mr. Jarvis, I forgot my password. Jason, my document won’t print. Jason, how do you start a Google Meet? Jason, how do I record a video for my students? Jason, my computer is acting strange. Mr. Jarvis, HELP!

When Mr. Jarvis walks into the school, or into a classroom, these are some of the most common questions or comments he hears from students and staff. And what does he do? He answers, even though he has answered the same questions hundreds of times. Does he ever complain? Never. Mr. Jarvis always has time for others, and he always puts the needs of others ahead of his own needs. 

For the past 10 years, Mr. Jarvis has been working at Trinity and has worn many many hats: teacher, learner, technology director, barbeque artist, computer repair technician, coach, the life of the party, sound technician, security detail, facilitator, cheerleader, mentor, comedian, counsellor, friend. The list goes on. He has worked with kindergarten to grade 8 students and teachers, office staff, board members, volunteers, committee members, renters. He has collaborated with the facilities team, contract partnership team, custodians, ice rink builders, and many other groups of Trinity supporters, and has been greatly appreciated by all. 

Not only has Mr. Jarvis helped take on the many technology challenges and solve tech-related problems, he has also encouraged us in other ways. As this year’s grade 7 and 8 Bible and media teacher, he has challenged students to not only think outside of the box but to think critically, to ask questions, to look at everything from a Biblical perspective. Not only does he challenge students, he has also challenged staff to ask why. Why are we doing things this way? What are the reasons for the decisions that we are making? How can we do this a different way? Let’s not be afraid to try something new. 

Trinity students have really appreciated Mr. Jarvis. Here are some things they say:
Mr. Jarvis made learning fun.
He helped me find my passion for computers and technology.
He always has new ideas.
He has a great sense of humour and is always in a good mood. 
He takes a genuine interest in his students.
He considers students’ comfort zones and pushes them just enough.
He is encouraging and supportive. 
He taught us how to have fun.

Trinity staff love and appreciate Mr. Jarvis. He has challenged our faith in God. He has reminded us over and over that God is in control and is looking after us and Trinity. Mr. Jarvis is encouraging; he is gifted at making any situation fun and entertaining; he is light-hearted; he can see the positive in any situation; he makes us feel good about ourselves and our abilities; he is a Christ-follower and the hands and feet of Jesus. 

We will miss Mr. Jarvis. When we first heard he was leaving, we wondered what we would do without him. Then we realized that he has been preparing us for this for some time. He has taught us how to problem solve and troubleshoot. He has made us ask questions and investigate possibilities. And most importantly, he has been praying that God will provide. And God has provided. God has used Mr. Jarvis to develop leaders within our staff and student body. God has provided new staff members who will all work with our current staff and students, and together we will continue the work that Mr. Jarvis has been doing at Trinity.

Mr. Jarvis, may the Lord bless you as you begin a new adventure at Halton Hills Christian School. Thank you for all you have given to Trinity. Thank you for sharing your gifts, your love for your students, colleagues, and the Trinity community. Thank you for sharing your passion for the Lord. We know that God will continue to do great things through you whatever you do and wherever you go. Never forget that “the eternal God is your refuge, and his everlasting arms are under you.” (Deuteronomy 33:27)

In Christ, 
Sara Flokstra