Fall Festival 50/50 Draw Results

The winning ticket from the 50/50 draw has been pulled and the winning number is 744414! If this is your ticket, please take a photo of it and e-mail the photo to [email protected] what the total proceeds were? The draw pulled in $498.00, so the winner is receiving $249.00!Watch the video below to see the…

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Thank You, Mr. Jarvis!

mr. jarvis collage

Dear Parents, Mr. Jarvis, my chromebook won’t turn on. Mr. Jarvis, all my tabs just closed. Mr. Jarvis, this website is blocked. Mr. Jarvis, I forgot my password. Jason, my document won’t print. Jason, how do you start a Google Meet? Jason, how do I record a video for my students? Jason, my computer is…

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Teacher Appreciation

1 corinthians 16:13-14

Dear Parents, We all remember our teachers, and I am sure we have stories to share. I remember gathering around my grade 1 teacher as she sat on her desk and played her guitar, leading us in our morning singing and devotions. My grade 4 teacher taught us about Africa, and I still haven’t forgotten…

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St. Patrick’s Day

st. patrick

Dear Parents, If you walked through the school this past Wednesday, you would have seen many students and teachers wearing green in recognition of St. Patrick’s Day, a celebration of Ireland, and a day to honour a man called by God to do His work here on earth.  Did you know that St. Patrick wasn’t…

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New Opportunities

Trinity Science Fair

Dear Parents, One of my favourite things about teaching grade 8 is the opportunity to travel with the students to Ottawa during Winterlude. This year looks quite different. Due to the pandemic, we aren’t able to go on this trip, and it makes me sad that our grade 8s are missing out. This is a…

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The Importance of Fundraising

Dear Parents, Trinity recently participated in a Global Service Project, raising $2000 for World Renew. This money will be used to help families and communities purchase animals, and in turn, help these communities flourish and grow.  $2000 is not very much money from our point of view. How easily and quickly do we spend that…

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Dear Parents, You enter the concert hall and find your seat. You hear the cacophony of hundreds of voices all around you as other guests settle into their seats. You see the brightly lit stage, orchestra chairs empty, awaiting the musicians. You wait in expectation. Musicians enter, find their seats and begin tuning.  The tension…

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