Trinity Science Fair

New Opportunities

Dear Parents,

One of my favourite things about teaching grade 8 is the opportunity to travel with the students to Ottawa during Winterlude. This year looks quite different. Due to the pandemic, we aren’t able to go on this trip, and it makes me sad that our grade 8s are missing out. This is a loss for our students, one of many that they have experienced during the last year. I want to acknowledge this loss; yet, at the same time, recognize how God is providing us with different and new opportunities.

I saw an example of this yesterday morning when a number of excited grade 8 students came into the school with cupcakes and other items in preparation for their science fair experiments. Students love to involve their classmates and fellow students in their experiments, a long-running Trinity tradition. Trinity’s science fair is part of who we are. Many alumni can tell stories of their science fair experiences, and I am sure many parents have fond (or not so fond) memories of this event. 

Our science fair will look very different this year. In past years projects were set up in the gym. Over a three-day period, projects were judged and students were interviewed by a number of volunteers, including parents, community members, and former Trinity teachers. Classes could view the projects during the day, and on the last evening of the science fair, we hosted an open house. The gym buzzed with excitement. Many parents, community members and supporters came to the school to view the projects and talk to the students. It was an opportunity to celebrate the success of each student, and students had a chance to share and celebrate what they had learned. 

Due to COVID, we won’t be having a typical science fair this year. Projects won’t be set up in the gym for younger students to view. Students won’t have face-to-face interviews with our judges. Our community won’t be able to come in for the open house to celebrate the learning that took place.  

However, due to COVID, many new opportunities have arisen, and some of these may even become new traditions at Trinity. Students are creating website pages about their projects which will hopefully be shared with our parents and school community. Judging will be done online. Interviews will take place over Google Meet.  

Despite the losses the pandemic has brought, God has given us so much more. And that is something to celebrate. Let’s recognize these different and new opportunities, and be grateful. 

Sara Flokstra, Vice Principal