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Adopting a Spirit of Humility

Dear Parents,

While we are very familiar with the story of Jesus’ birth, it amazes me how each Advent season God continues to reveal himself in different ways if we simply take a few moments to listen. 

Recently, I have been particularly struck by the simplicity and humility revealed by Christ from the moment He entered this World and challenged my personal faith journey. 

The fact that Jesus left His place next to the Father in Heaven to come down to our Earth full of sin, darkness, and disease would have been enough. He took it a step further by being born in a barn surrounded by animals to the common folk.

Eugene Peterson summarizes that “the birth of Jesus itself was of the humblest peasant parentage, in an unimportant town, and in the roughest of buildings. He made a career rejecting marks of status or privilege: He touched lepers, washed the feet of his disciples, befriended little children, encouraged women to join his entourage, and finally, submitted to crucifixion by a foreign power. Everything about Jesus was servitude.”

At Trinity, we have been making an effort to celebrate Christ-like character. by reflecting Him daily. One of those key characteristics is Humility, which has been defined as, “Laying down my life in order to do things God’s way.” What a community we would be if each student, parent, and staff member lived this out daily.

In a society that is often self-centred and self-serving, we have an opportunity to be counter-cultural. Whether it’s taking time to serve, giving up a prime parking spot, or spending time with a family member that may ruffle our feathers, it is worth challenging ourselves to live out this gospel truth especially during the Christmas season. My prayer is that we would be the light of Christ by taking on a position of humility.  

J-D Lussier, Principal