christmas wreath zoomed in

Counting Down

Dear Parents,

December is already here and the beginning of Advent is upon us. Many mark the advent season with a chocolate calendar or special countdown.

This year at our house, we decided to do something different and have been going through “The Wonder of the Greatest Gift” by Ann Voskamp. Each day, my daughter Annabella eagerly awaits our evening reading time, as she gets to open up a new square that contains a tiny ornament with a picture that correlates with a Bible passage. These stories retell us portions of God’s redemptive plan and point us to the coming King, which is the greatest gift of all.

As I reflected on this, I was struck by the simplicity of the message, yet the powerful impact it is having on my daughter. It reminds me of Matthew 18 when Jesus shares that we must have faith like a child to enter the kingdom of heaven. The gospel truths are so simple to understand while containing so much depth that we can easily lose the essence of what is being conveyed. 

We can also get caught up in the distractions around us, which equally causes us to miss the message. How many times do we get so busy between parties, shopping, concerts, and more in the weeks leading up to Christmas that we fail to take time to ponder what the season is all about? One of the reasons that children can so easily connect to the gospel message is that their sense of amazement has not been dulled. When they are in awe about a particular thing, their focus is unparalleled. God’s Word should still ignite Wonder and Awaken Curiosity within us. It should call us out of our distractions and back to the splendour of His majesty.

My prayer for our students and the Trinity community is that God helps us to rediscover the gift of His presence during this advent season. In Him, we uncover that He is the Prince of Peace, God with Us, our Hope, our Advocate, our Deliverer, our Redeemer, the Truth, and the Light of the World. We hope that you will join us on December 17th to celebrate God’s Hope that was Born. 

J-D Lussier, Principal