Compassion and Kindness

Dear Parents,

We have officially begun the month of February, which is the halfway point of the school year. You could say that February is right in the heart of the year, which ironically is when we celebrate love, both in our relationships and our friendships. It’s also a month we recognize things that we should take to heart, like racial injustice and bullying. All the while, we strive to provide a counter narrative as Christians, leading us to show compassion and kindness to others in response to pain.
In many ways, compassion and kindness are intricately woven together in that the posture of compassion leads to the action of kindness. What we feel in our hearts for others is what elicits a physical response through our hands and feet. It is also a tangible way that we can make a difference as Christians and let our lights shine. Former politician Bob Kerrey put it this way, “Unexpected kindness is the most powerful, least costly, and most underrated agent of human change.” 

In an age where words, however apologetic, and expensive plans are commonplace, tangible actions of love and care can provide a refreshing, yet powerful impact on those who have felt hurt and alone. When we think of Jesus’ ministry on Earth, it was clear that he had the greatest amount of compassion for those who were sick or marginalized, rather than the rich and powerful of His day. He did not go through the political system of His day, but rather he went to those in need and met them where they were at.

Our hope is that throughout this month, we can help our students develop hearts of compassion and eyes to see where there are needs. This can start with noticing a classmate who is hurting and demonstrating kindness to them. It can also lead to meeting the needs of those outside of our four walls when given the opportunity. Ultimately, we desire God to use this opportunity to work in our hearts and spur us on to action in a way that reflects Him.

J-D Lussier, Principal