Demonstrating Kindness

Dear Parents,

As the end of February comes to a close, we took time today to highlight some of the ways that our students demonstrated kindness throughout this past month. Unbeknown to us, our grade 2 students have been on a secret mission to look for one way in which each class in the school was kind to them. They highlighted this also with some key verses that illustrate why they have made it a priority to be kind this month, including displaying the fruit of the spirit that includes kindness. 

They also took time to show gratitude to these classes for all that they have done. This is a great reminder that each plays a key role and adds significant contributions within the larger body of Christ.
As Black History month also comes to a close, this is equally a great opportunity to express gratitude for the many contributions and ways that black believers have enriched the lives of followers of Christ particularly in North America. Whether we go back to the 1800’s where David George, a Black Loyalist preacher who was born into slavery, escaped to Nova Scotia and was instrumental in bringing elements of the Great Awakening to Canada, founding one of the first Black Baptist churches in the country. 

About 100 years later, it was William Seymour, who was part of the holiness movement in the United States that was foundational in the Azusa Street Revival. It reawakened the church to many gifts of the spirit and was instrumental in egalitarianism, where black and white Christians worshipped freely together in unity. 

Then less than 50 years later, Thomas Dorsey, regarded as the father of gospel music, revolutionised the way we worship in our churches. After a successful secular career, he realised God’s calling on his life and became a prolific gospel music writer, introducing the concept of gospel choirs, clapping rhythmically, and ultimately changed the way in which we worship in our modern churches.

These are but a few examples of how we continue to benefit from the influence of Black Christians who have left a lasting impact on the Church. It shows how we are stronger when we each bring our strengths with our unique backgrounds  to contribute to the richness of God’s community of believers and work in unity in Him.

J-D Lussier, Principal