Education + Gospel = Transformation

Dear Parents,

What makes educational transformational? One definition from our global partners, Edu-Deo, stands out in my mind. Education + Gospel = Transformation. I love that equation and believe in it wholeheartedly. Education in and of itself is not enough to bring about true transformation, as it addresses the mind, but not the heart. The Gospel is the first spark, but education is needed to grow and provide fuel for the change. As Hosea 4:6 explains, we perish for lack of knowledge when we do not know or reject knowledge and wisdom. We need both to grow and be transformed by the renewing of our minds (Romans 12:2), which comes through education and knowledge.

This was illustrated so well at our chapel today, as we learned more about our Global outreaches with Abba’s House (Madagascar) and CRECH (Edu-Deo partner in Haiti). As part of our desire to be God’s hand and feet, serving Him everywhere, we have been fundraising to support these organizations who are doing amazing work in caring for and educating children who are growing up in poverty.

Back in December, we sold over 2400 CandyGrams and raised $1255.80 that we sent to Abba’s House. They were able to use this money to provide sandals and small gifts to children who attend school on the weekend at a local dump. They were also able to give a fresh coat of paint to the room where they meet the students weekly. Seeing the smiles on their faces as we watched a short video filled our hearts with joy and hope for these children in Madagascar.

In addition, we have a partnership with Edu-Deo, who provide hands-on and financial support to an organization called CRECH in Haiti. Not only do they provide teacher training to educate from a Christian perspective, but they also have identified vulnerable children who have no way to pay school fees.WIth education, they are susceptible to be recruited to gangs as the only way to provide for their families. Giving them an opportunity to access a Christian education provides them with knowledge and hope. 

As a school, we have committed to helping children go to school in Haiti by sending our Spirit Day money throughout the school year. The cost of covering the tuition of 1 student is $92 for the year and we have raised enough to cover the cost of 3 students thus far. Our goal this year is to cover the cost of  a whole class (20 students) for the year.

Our hope is that these initiatives will open the eyes and hearts of our students to the world around us and inspire them to reflect Jesus in the process. We appreciate your continued support and partnership with us in this endeavour.

J-D Lussier, Principal