God blesses us to be a blessing to others

Dear Parents,

As we conclude our focus on gratitude, I would like to particularly bring into focus an area that I’m most grateful for at Trinity: the gift of community. It is both an internal and external blessing, affecting our students, parents, staff, and those outside our building. Allow me to explain this in greater depth.
God has a particular way of bringing things to our mind and into focus. This week He did just that, as we have several things converging at once inside our building. This included hosting an EduDeo Workshop for Haitian Ambassadors this Monday to Wednesday, collecting food for our Fall Food Drive, opening the gym for Parent Teacher Conferences, all the while preparing for our Fall Festival this weekend. While this has certainly brought about some logistical challenges, God brings out what is most beautiful. 

Here are some examples of how we saw the blessing of community in action through this:

– Our guests were able to take part in several Morning Meetings, as our teachers opened up their classrooms. They were able to witness our classroom communities that are shaped through their daily activities and be welcomed to join in. This left “a lasting impression on their heart” according to a reflection from one of the Haitian learning ambassadors.

– Our staff and the Haitian Leaders were able to connect and pray together, as we saw the broader Christian community coming together, united by the same Holy Spirit that knows no linguistic or cultural barriers. 

– We were reminded of perspective, as we heard of the struggles that the Haitian people and specifically the educators go through on a daily basis just to travel from place to place and go about their regular tasks. Within this though, we see God advancing His kingdom through some of the toughest situations.

– Our students have brought in bags and boxes full of food to bless our Burlington neighbours who are particularly in need. 

– Our broader community will come together to have fun and fellowship along with raising money for the school. This includes alumni, past parents, new parents, and even those from outside our community discovering our school. All these are wonderful reminders of how God is at work and using our community to be a blessing to many, while also doing a work in our own lives. 

J-D Lussier, Principal