Dear Parents,

Planning…it’s something every responsible adult has to do regularly and even on a daily basis. Whether it’s as simple as planning your meal this evening, mapping out your next vacation, or as complex as planning long term for your retirement, planning is essential for success. The same is true of any sports team or athlete who competes with the hopes of attaining victory. The strength of our plans and its success are 2 fold: making sure they are well constructed by being based on good information and then executing the plan well by sticking to it.
During our chapel this morning, we thought about game plans as they relate to athletes and our faith. This was highlighted by a special guest named Ryan Mulder, who is a former professional hockey player, and a fully devoted follower of Christ. Ryan shared that while he grew up with a belief in Jesus, his faith and his life as a hockey player were often in separate spheres. As a result of the disconnect, he wasn’t representing Christ fully and only playing for himself. It was only when he connected his faith with his passion and career that he truly flourished and found peace. This is what brought his plans together and where he found true success.

One of the key verses in his life is Phil 4:13, which says, “I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me.” He reminded us that the context of this verse was Paul speaking about going through difficult times of scarcity and victorious times of abundance. It is finding contentment through Christ in all seasons that gives us the strength to persevere. 

Once we realize that God has given us specific gifts to accomplish His plans for us and when we align them with His Game Plan (the Bible), then we can find contentment and fulfilment. His plans are the best constructed ones where we will find success and victory by following his commands and executing His plans for His glory.

J-D Lussier, Principal