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What a Year!

Dear Parents,

What a year it’s been! As we look back on this school year, undoubtedly COVID-19 will loom large in our minds, as it has presented unique challenges and has impacted the way our year comes to a close. That being said, I hope that it is not the only thing we remember about the 2019-2020 school year and that it does not overshadow the many highlights and blessings that God gave us throughout the year.

As I reflected, here are a few highlights that came to me. On the first day of the school year, we came together as students, staff, and parents to praise God and dedicate our year to Him. As we unveiled our new mission and vision statement, the theme that emerged for this year was “Reflecting Jesus’ Light”. Little did we know that we would be putting this into practice the way we have the past few months, as God gave us so many opportunities to do so.

Another highlight for me was our Market & Bazaar that took place in November. I had the opportunity to connect with many alumni and supporters of the school along with seeing so many of our current students and families. In a time where social distancing has become the norm, those times of connections where so many generations came together has left a particularly sweet memory.

While we didn’t realize it at the time, we were particularly blessed in February to have both our Grade 8 Ottawa trip and our Trinity Gala. For our graduates, this was a significant bonding time and one of the last highly anticipated Grade 8 activities that they were able to take part in. While many other schools were not able to go ahead with their trips, we are thankful that they were able to enjoy those moments together. Our Gala was also a great opportunity to celebrate God’s faithfulness to our school and to reflect on the impact of Christian education on this generation and the next.

The unifying thread that stands out for me is the importance of community and how this was brought to the forefront, both through the events I just described, as well as through its necessity while coping with the pandemic. I was so blessed by the connections we were able to make weekly over Facebook Live, and for the support we received from families, as they saw our teachers dig deep to care for our students remotely. It was truly a team effort and highlighted how much community is central to who we are at Trinity.

As we head off in our separate ways for the summer, I pray that God watches over each of you, provides for your needs, and gives you a season of refreshing. While questions remain about the fall, we remain steadfast that God is faithful and will continue the good work He has begun at Trinity Christian School and see it through.

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J-D Lussier, Principal