Shining His Light

Dear Parents,

Yesterday I was reminded that this marked the halfway point of when the closure of schools announcement came down from the Ontario government and when we will be able to reopen our school building on September 8, the first day of the 2020-2021 school year. These last months have certainly been unparalleled and proved to be quite a roller coaster. In many ways, the past 3 months feel much more like it’s own year, as we have had to pivot and readjust our lives almost on a daily basis.

While these facts provide part of the story, one equally important narrative that remains is that God has been faithful and our constant throughout these challenges. He has brought us to the end of this school year while giving us the strength and courage to face each new day. He has also taught us some lessons on the value of our time together with family, our priorities, and how truly dependent we are on God. 

As can be seen through our Celebration of Learning, He has also taught us to Shine His Light and care for our neighbours and community in a whole new way. I’m excited for you to see all the ways that you have been a blessing over these past few months, as we highlight your service together next Wednesday. We also know this is only a small glimpse into all that you have done, as much of the work was not completed within the view of cameras, but rather in private unto the Lord.
On behalf of the Trinity community, I would like to thank each student and family that invested their time and energy into these projects to be the Light in the dark world that we live in.

I would also encourage you to continue to find ways to be a blessing throughout this summer and into the next school year. While my hope is that we can return to social norms where we can physically be together at school, gather in our churches with fellow believers, and visit family and friends in an uninhibited manner, I also pray that we will not lose some of the positive changes that we made. This includes taking the time to speak with neighbours and having “real” conversations, prioritizing family events, and appreciating each moment we have with others.

I also wanted to take this opportunity to thank each parent for the immense contribution that you made to your child’s education in the past 3 months. We know that there have been challenging moments, but we could not have done this without your continued support. I hope that this will help our partnership as teachers and parents to be stronger than ever, even as we return to in-school learning. 

Click here for my short video update for this week

J-D Lussier, Principal

Click here for a short student video of a puppet show about, “A Little Boy’s Dream during COVID-19”.