Creation Care

Dear Parents,

Over the last few weeks, the character trait that we have been focusing on is delight. As we spoke about last week in chapel, delight is defined as taking pleasure or enjoyment in someone or something. As Christ followers, it should particularly reflect how we feel about God and the things closest to His heart. In turn, our desires should align with God’s desires for us and His world, sparking delight in us.

This theme coincides well with several events taking place at Trinity this week. From the Anne of Green Gables performances to service projects and Earth Day events, there is much to take delight in. We take delight in the talents and gifts that God has given to our students and staff to bring the dramatic arts to life on our stage. We also take delight in cleaning up our school yard and the Tansley community, as good stewards of what God has given us. What’s more is we recognize Earth Day or Creation Care Day, because we celebrate our Creator God, who purposefully designed the beautiful planet that we live on for our enjoyment. He took delight in creating us and the beauty all around us and it is our delight to care for what He entrusted to us. 

What connects these events and brings me much delight is our community that is brought to life during weeks like these. From the beautiful collaboration between our staff and the cast of Anne of Green Gables to the exuberance of our students in the audience to the collaboration of our students cleaning up our small piece of the Earth, we see God at work among us. What’s more is that we get to share in community with you, as you join us for the performances and interact with us daily as you pick up your children. All of this brings delight not just to me and other community members, but to God himself. As Psalm 133:1 and Hebrews 10:24-25 remind us, He loves when we come together in united purpose, encouraging each other to do good works that bring glory and honor to Him.

J-D Lussier, Principal