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Focusing In

Dear Parents,

Recently I attended a marketing conference about current trends in the industry, as well as how we respond to the messages that are presented to us. One study that particularly caught my attention was in regards to our attention spans. Since there are so many messages that are competing for our attention, researchers suggest that our attention spans have actually become shorter.

On the other hand, this has had the effect of making us more selective about what we really pay attention to. When this happens, we can focus in and engage with the information in front of us. This has some practical applications from both an educational and spiritual standpoint.

Since we know that children are exposed to rapidly changing information and stimuli thanks in part to technology, we must adapt the way we teach to ensure that our lessons are meaningful and relevant to capture and keep students’ attention. This may include the use of technology, but the focal point is that our students apply it in the real world. As parents, this also means that we need to model to our children what they should select in this era of information overload.

The same is true for our spiritual lives. There are many things competing for our attention and time. While there are a number of them that have value in and of themselves, they are not all beneficial for us, as Paul writes to the Corinthian church. God calls us to be discerning or “selective” so that He can have our attention and focus to do great things for Him.

On another note, I wanted to thank all the staff, students, and volunteers that helped to make last week such a great showcase of Trinity. Whether through the Celebration of Learning evening, Grandparents Day, or the Gala, our school community came together and God was glorified.

J-D Lussier, Principal