Children writing

Investing in our Children

Dear Parents,

It has often been said that what we truly value can be measured by the amount of time and money that we are willing to put into it. Often times, this is not an either or, but rather both. We certainly know that simply spending a lot of money on those closest to us can never replace the quality time that we can provide them. That being said, we typically need a certain amount of money to afford to take the time with others and paying for the activities that enhance our time together.

Ultimately though, we want to make sure that we are investing our time and money where it matters most. This can be seen in Matthew 6:21 as Jesus states,  “For where your treasure is, there your heart will be also.”  As fellow believers, we want our time and money to reflect a heart that is committed to Christ and His work. As parents, one of the greatest ways that we can in God’s kingdom is through the investment that we make in our children. Their impact, both now and in the future, will outlive what we can accomplish on our own in this world.

With this in mind, I’m so glad that you have chosen to invest in your children’s spiritual and academic future by sending them to Trinity Christian School and entrusting them to us. Furthermore, you have chosen to spend many hours volunteering in our school to help build up our community. This reveals a lot about what you value, given the many other choices that are available in our society. 

I often have prospective parents ask me the cost of sending their children to Trinity and while I never want to downplay the financial implications, I hope that they too will see this is an investment opportunity in the lives of their children. If you know of anyone who may be contemplating Christian education but is still hesitant, I would be happy to sit down with them to help them see that the time and money spent will be of eternal value. 

J-D Lussier, Principal