war memorial

Lest We Forget

Dear Parents,

On Monday, I had the opportunity to attend the Remembrance Day Ceremony at the Cenotaph in downtown Burlington. It was such a great reminder of the freedoms and privileges that we have here in Canada. Embedded in the ceremony were verses and prayers that even included the name of Jesus. While I am so thankful for this, it is important to remember that this came at a cost. 

For me, this takes on a very personal meaning, as my grandfather Lorenzo Lussier served in the Canadian Army as a Sergeant in World War II. The war took a toll on him physically, as he was shot in the foot and lived with this reminder daily. It also affected him psychologically, as he witnessed countless atrocities on the battlefield and in a Nazi camp, as he was taken as a Prisoner of War during ensuing battles. For most of his life, he carried much of the weight of the sacrifices that he made to serve our country.

In much the same way, Christ paid the ultimate sacrifice for us on the cross. He carried all of the weight of loss, disappointments, sickness, and our sins. When we think of all of the darkness of this world that is exemplified in war, there stands in stark contrast the light of the cross. Much like the fields of poppies that have replaced the trenches and gunfire, God has offered us redemption that creates something beautiful out of our mess. The best part of my grandfather’s story is that in his final 2 years of life on this earth, he made peace with his Creator and experienced the joy and freedom that only He provides. The transformation was so palpable that he went from someone known for being stern and carrying the weight of this world to being known as the “Joy Man”, exemplified by the sun that the nurses hung on his door. 

My hope is that these stories and countless more will be retold for generations to come, so that the significance of war, peace, sacrifice, and redemption will not be lost. Lest we forget…

J-D Lussier, Principal