John 1:29

Lion & the Lamb

Dear Parents,

March is upon us and with it the start of our final term. My daughter came home this week and reminded me of a popular saying that relates to March weather, “In like a lion, and out like a lamb”. Depending on the year, the saying can be reversed and they are tracking the weather daily to see which one it will be.

I think there are a few relevant applications to this particular time we are in. First of all, there is a correlation with the type of year that we have had as a school. COVID-19 has certainly been a lion for us, as we have tried to adapt to its repercussions throughout the year. It has brought some unpredictability and caused the climate (social and political) to be in flux. Our prayer is that it will end like a lamb so that we can enjoy the final months together.

I’m also reminded of the deep spiritual connection of the lion and lamb, as we go through this season of Lent. Jesus is referred to as both the lion and the lamb in various Biblical passages. In John 1:29, John the Baptist declared about Jesus, “Behold, the Lamb of God, who takes away the sin of the world!”. In Old Testament times, the lamb was the animal that was sacrificed as a peace offering to carry the sins of the people on their behalf. It was also the animal whose blood was shed in place of the firstborn of the family during the Exodus, which is celebrated and remembered during Passover. Jesus became the ultimate and final sacrifice to take away our sins once and for all. 

Equally, Jesus is described as the “Lion of Judah” in the book of Revelations. He is a courageous and conquering King, who is all-powerful and comes to save His people (the church) and vanquishes His enemies. It serves as a reminder to us that victory is coming and that our temporal difficulties will be gone when Jesus returns as a Lion. Our current struggles with COVID, mental health, broken relationships, and so much more will be resolved by our King.

May the Lion and Lamb be an encouragement to you that Jesus has provided us with all that we need.

J-D Lussier, Principal