Dear Parents,

What does our world long for more than anything? In a word: Peace. We hear mention of it as governments try to move towards it currently in the Israeli/Palestinian conflicts. We observe political and racial tensions that require it, as peace is elusive to so many. Parents often mention it in the context of “Peace & Quiet” once the kids are finally asleep in bed. Many people will claim to be striving for it.

The problem with peace is that people will try to manufacture it through their own efforts. They try to find it within themselves or just work at it harder. While it can last for a short while, it is a pseudo-peace that doesn’t have any roots and quickly withers away. What is the antidote to all of this? Jesus who is the Prince of Peace. We read that God is Jehovah Shalom, as peace is embedded in one of His names. He is the one in whom we can have lasting peace with deep roots that go to our core.

Does this mean that our life will be free from conflict? I certainly wish, but that’s not the case on this side of heaven. What God promises though, is that our hearts can remain at peace despite the chaos. He speaks the words “Peace! Be Still! over our hearts and circumstances like the raging winds of Mark 4:39. In the quiet that He brings, we experience His peace enveloping us. As we pause, He fills the space in our hearts with His peace.

After we have experienced His peace or Shalom, He calls us to look outwards and seek to bring Shalom to our world, who is looking to us for answers. So as we celebrate and sing carols of peace, let our message of peace be clear through our words and actions. Our prayer is that we not only encounter His Peace this Christmas, but that we be bearers of Shalom to those whom we come into contact with throughout this Christmas season.

J-D Lussier, Principal