Roll out the red carpet for Him

Dear Parents,

I hope that you were able to join us yesterday for our Christmas concert and celebration. What a privilege we have to worship and praise God together, keeping our focus on Jesus, who is the reason we come together to celebrate. As we reflect on the final advent candle, we see that it is love that holds everything in place. 
It is because of God’s unfathomable love that He chose to send His son Jesus as the greatest gift of all time, wrapped up in swaddling clothes instead of paper. The box he chose was a manger that was filled with hay to hold things in place. This package was dropped off in the smallest of towns in the lowliest of places, a smelly barn. Yet, it was the most valuable gift that anyone had ever received and was the start of the greatest rescue plan ever set in motion.

During our final chapel of the calendar year this morning, Mrs. De Raaf reminded us that Jesus is the true treasure we have received, as a wonderful gift. Part of guarding this treasure is actually holding it out for the world to see. She challenged us to roll out the red carpet for Him and reflect His light for the world to see. The treasure that we have should be on full display, as the world sees Jesus in us.

How do we do that? It goes back to love. Just as God displayed His perfect love through Jesus, we too are called to live out our love of God and love of others daily. As we go through the Christmas season this year, may we look beyond ourselves and rather focus our attention on Jesus, who then calls us to respond in love to a dark world longing for hope, joy, and peace. 

From all of us at Trinity, may you have a very Merry Christmas and blessed New Year!

J-D Lussier, Principal