fall trees

Spending Time in Creation

Dear Parents,

I hope that you were able to enjoy the additional time spent as a family over Thanksgiving weekend. I know that some of our students were challenged to get outside and admire God’s beautiful creation. As a family, we took that challenge over the weekend and went for a nature walk. We were struck by the beautiful fall colours, especially in the glow of the evening sunset.

One of the beautiful outflows of this walk and others like it are the conversations about what God has made. There is a spark of curiosity that flickers and ignites God moments, where we can reflect on these things on a deeper level. 

During the past month at Trinity, we have been blessed with many opportunities to spend class time outside (both due to the beautiful sunny weather and the added benefit of fresh air in light of COVID). We have observed students exploring various parts of our playground, and using the natural things they have found to create new things, including artistic creations and forts. We see how these opportunities have played a significant role in, “awakening curiosity”, which is a central part of our mission.

I would encourage each of you to have conversations with your children about what they have recently observed in nature, and how this has impacted their curiosity about God and His creation. Whether your child is in kindergarten or grade 8, the simplicity and complexity of the natural world offers rich opportunities for conversation at their level. If you haven’t had time to take a nature walk, perhaps you can schedule a walk this weekend or attend our Trinity Connect Social on Saturday in our beautiful playground. Our hope is that these experiences will create meaningful dialogue and ultimately help our children develop a strong relationship with our Creator. 

J-D Lussier, Principal