The Greatest Commandment

Dear Parents,

What is our greatest responsibility in caring for our children? There are some obvious things that come to mind like providing food, clothes, and shelter. Protection and keeping our children safe is another priority. While these are clearly important, there is another element that needs to be at the top of our list as Christian parents, which is the spiritual care of our kids.

During my devotional time this morning, I was reading through Deuteronomy 6, which contains the Shema in verses 4 to 9. Moses, through God’s leading, commands the Israelites to “Love the Lord your God with all your heart and with all your soul and with all your might.” Jesus uses these same words again in Matthew 22:37 when he speaks to the greatest commandment with the substitute of “might” for “mind.”

Moses goes on to explain throughout chapter 6 that Loving God and obedience to His commandments must be “diligently taught” to our children and should be part of our walk and talk each and everyday. He also warns that we must “be careful to do all that was commanded.” There is both a blessing for following God’s law and a curse for those who do not.

We know that Jesus broke the curse of sin through His death and resurrection, which we will be celebrating shortly. While we have that assurance, we also know that His law is still applicable and the best way for us to thrive as human beings.

As such, we want to make sure that our children are taught the things that are important to God’s heart. We want to guard our own hearts against the dangers of comfort and distractions that lead to apathy. Together, we seek to form a strong partnership where the greatest commandment is taught and lived out in each and every child.

J-D Lussier, Principal