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A Challenge for 2019

Posts by James Bosma

A Challenge for 2019

Happy new year

Dear Parents, I hope that you all had an excellent Christmas and a blessed time with your family. As we begin a new calendar year, it is always a great time to “take inventory” of the areas in which God is blessing us, as well as looking for targets that we can set to improve…

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Remember Jesus this Christmas!

Photo of an outdoor manger scene.

It’s here! The last school week of the calendar year and final days leading up to Christmas are upon us. For most students (and possibly teachers too), this elicits excitement and happiness. Some might even call it pure joy, as the calendar turns towards the 24th and 25th. More often than not as adults though,…

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God’s Gift of Peace

Photo of a dove in flight.

Dear Parents, If we take a moment to look at the world around us, we are bombarded with images of conflict, chaos, anxiety, and a feeling of unrest. It is very clear that there is a longing in this broken world for peace. Thankfully, we serve a God who sent His Son to us as…

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Yang’s Jewelry

Yang's Jewellery Logo

Rooted in the core values of quality, service and honesty, Yang’s Jewellery steadily grew and won the favour and trust of customers in Cambridge and its surrounding cities. Today, Yang’s Jewellery has grown to a beautiful 1100 square-feet full jewellery store in the prominent shopping destination – Cambridge Centre. We now offer coveted designer brands…

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Trinity Plants Flower Bulbs with Bulbs4Kids

Grade 4 students planting flower bulbs with Mr. Paas.

 For the second year in a row we received 600 unique and different types of tulip bulbs from Holland. This past week Mr. Paas came out to help help assist our students in planting them. Our garden will be bursting with over 1,200 flowers next spring. Many thanks to Mrs. Breukelman and Mr. Paas…

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Share the Light of Hope this Christmas

The word hope in lights.

Dear Parents, As we enter the season of advent, I am reminded of the anticipation and excitement that exists, as we wait for the arrival or coming of something. This is so evident in the faces of our children, as the excitement seems to grow exponentially by the day. As Christians, we recognize that this…

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Success & Failure: Using our Past to Fuel our Future

Young girl with her hand held over her mouth like she just made a mistake..

Dear Parents, It is in our nature to want to protect our children and ensure that they easily succeed at everything that they do. We assume that finding success early on will predict success in the future. In theory, this sounds like the best mindset to parenting. Research suggests though that this is not quite…

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Students Partnering with World Renew

Dear parents, It’s hard to believe, but the Christmas season is right around the corner. We are already starting to make plans for our Christmas Concert and various school events. One of the things that we wish to instill in our students is the importance of giving to others, especially those less fortunate than us.…

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Out of Darkness: Life and Hope

Dear parents, I was recently reminded of how God creates beautiful things out of what we perceive as darkness. Someone close to me passed away unexpectedly in less than ideal circumstances. Aside from a sense of grief and loss, one of my first thoughts was what a waste it represented that this life was taken…

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A Special Thank You

Dear Parents, When I think of Trinity, one of the first things that comes to mind is community. The word community means coming together, as a unit or in unity. This was so evident during our annual market/bazaar. It was incredible to see founders of the school coming back and still taking part in our…

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