Trinity Christian School Athletics 2019-2020

This was a special year at Trinity in regards to our Athletic performances, and we wanted to present to you some of the highlights. We earned several Championships in Flag Football, Badminton, and Hockey along with several other 2nd and 3rd place finishes in Cross Country, Volleyball, and Basketball. We also saw tremendous growth, courage, and perseverance that was demonstrated on each team. We are so proud of our athletes for the way they represented our school both on and off the field.

Girls Soccer

Coach: Mr. Ippolito

Girls' Soccer

Though it may feel like it was very long ago, it was just this past September that our girls’ soccer team showed that they all had the heart of a champion. We didn’t come in first place, but our girls tasted both victory and defeat. A great highlight of the tournament was when, after back to back losses, our girls rallied to beat one of the teams who eventually made it to the finals.

“Heart” is what I will remember for a very long time about our girls’ soccer season. All our girls showed a tremendous amount of heart, both during practices and on the field during games. When the opponents were much bigger, our grade 5s like Emma and Sadie simply put on a display of intense cardio strength, even after they got bowled over by bigger opponents on occasion. They got back up and kept on running after the ball. Hailey definitely demonstrated strong leadership throughout the season as she always stayed positive, respectful, and in a way was the glue to our team as she consistently encouraged her teammates.

Though we didn’t win a tournament, I can personally say that all the girls on our team definitely won my respect. I’ve coached several soccer teams over the last 6-7 years, but these girls were definitely my favourite to work with. I believe Mr. Lussier would agree as well. We were definitely proud to have them represent our school, and we look forward with hope that we can have a team again next year with some of the same girls.

Boys Soccer

Coach: Mrs. Dorsman

In the first week back to school in September, we had tryouts for our soccer season! The boys grew together as a team through the month of September.

We participated in two tournaments, back to back. At the Guelph District tournament, the boys finished second in their pool and played in the semi-finals. After a nail-biter game, we did not continue onto the finals. The next day at CAASO, we won, lost and tied.

A special mention goes to Cale, who won our Sportsman Award. It was a great season and prepared the boys to work together as a team for all the sports teams in the coming year!

Cross Country

Coaches: Mrs. McGregor, Mrs. DeRaaf, and Mr. McGregor

This year brought some changes to Cross Country as we welcomed Mrs. DeRaaf as one of our running coaches. We were also thankful that Mr. McGregor returned, after a year off, to coach and encourage students during our new morning practices and cross country meets.

The team, consisting of over 50 children, participated in two meets: the Guelph District Cross Country meet in Cambridge on October 3, and the first annual Golden Horseshoe Invitational meet in Grimsby on October 10. We were blessed with beautiful weather at each of these events and celebrated personal best times for many runners. Congratulations to the Novice Boys (Gr. 3 and 4) who placed second at the Guelph District Meet and third at the Golden Horseshoe Invitational.

On October 18, a select team of 20 runners qualified to attend the All Ontario Cross Country meet held at the beautiful Dundas Valley Conservation Area.

A few of our team members also joined our coaches to run in the Road2Hope to support Edudeo Ministries.

A big shout out to three athletes in Grade 8 who have been running with the Trinity team since Grade 3: Cale, Silas, and Ada. We wish you all the best as you move on to high school next year and hope you will continue to run for God’s Glory!

Flag Football

Coach: Mr. Lussier

For the first time in many years, the Toronto Argos hosted a Flag Football tournament this past October. As soon as we found out, Trinity assembled a group of boys and girls to compete in the tournament. Even during the tryouts, we could see that we had a lot of talented players; however, we had no idea what to expect heading into the tournament.

Our students played hard during each game while showing heart and sportsmanship. Each player made some significant contributions, whether they caught passes or deflagged their opponents. With each game, our confidence grew, leading us to go undefeated in the round-robin. This was capped off by wins in the semi-finals and finals, as we walked away with the Championship.

I was so proud of each player. Defensively, Sam led the way by shutting down opponents. Offensively, Jacob and Cale connected on several occasions for touchdowns. For his play on the field and his positive attitude, Jacob earned the Sportsmanship Award.

A special thank you goes out to Coach Symons and Coach Van Staalduinen for their added expertise throughout the tournament to make it such a memorable day.

Girls Volleyball

Coach: Mrs. Flokstra

We had a great season of volleyball consisting of many practices, three tournaments, and an exhibition game.

We travelled to Providence Christian School for the Guelph District tournament where we improved over the day but lost in the consolation finals. We also travelled to RIM Park in Waterloo for the CAASO tournament, where we played some great volleyball but did not advance to the semi-finals.

Despite the losses, the girls developed their volleyball skills and were great team players. Thanks to Abby, Taryn, Jenny, Tivonya, Emily, Ada, Maddie, Sarah, Hailey, Chloe, and Avery for your positive contributions to the team and for your enthusiasm. Congratulations to Hailey for being named MVP of the CAASO tournament.

Boys Volleyball

Coach: Mr. Bezuyen

At the beginning of the season, the boys looked and played raw. There were a lot of players that were new to the game and had never played it competitively.

Our first tournament was at Corpus Christi. The boys were getting better and better as the day went along, and I had a few other coaches come over and express some admiration towards the style of play.

As the weeks went along, we played Milton one afternoon, and the boys really turned it on and played well. Next was the Guelph Volleyball tournament, the boys once again played very competitively, but were not able to continue the level of play for the whole tournament. The next day was our final tournament. The boys arrived to win. It was a great day of watching a team come together and play as a whole. In this tournament, we came in third, but in my opinion, number one.

Jacob was named MVP of the tournament by his peers and myself. He continually encouraged his fellow players and was able to keep the days light-hearted and fun with his humour.


Coaches: Mrs. Tompson and Mr. Bosma

On Wednesday, January 22, Trinity won the title of Team Badminton Champions for 2019-2020! In a tournament against 12 other Christian schools, this was no small feat.

We had three first-place winners: our girls singles (Avery), boys doubles (Manny and Cale), and our mixed doubles (Ada and Jacob). Our boys singles (Jackson) placed third and our girls doubles (Jenny and Tivonya), although not awarded a medal, earned 4th place.

We also want to recognize our excellent alternate players: Silas, Joel, Sam, and Taryn. Everyone played extremely well and demonstrated excellent etiquette and sportsmanship, and Tivonya received the Badminton Sportsmanship award.

Congratulations to our hard working and dedicated team! We are incredibly proud of you all and are very grateful to James Bosma, our lead coach, and Jeff Whitfield who was our assistant coach. We hope you will all keep playing and let your love of the game grow!

Ice Hockey

Coaches: Mr. Lussier and Mr. Jarvis

The Trinity Titan ice hockey season runs during the months of January and February. We had the opportunity to play in two tournaments this year, Barrie and Hamilton.

While we were a small team in size, this co-ed team gave it their all no matter the challenge. Sadly, we did not advance out of the round-robin in Barrie; however, we persevered and won 1st place in the Hamilton tournament.

A special shout out to the grade eight players as some of them have been a part of this team since grade five and will truly be missed.

Congratulations also go out to Sam for his stellar goaltending and positive attitude, earning him the Sportsmanship Award. Thank you to all our players, parents, and coaches for giving up their time and energy to make this a fun and exciting season.

Girls Basketball

Coaches: Mrs. McGregor, Mrs. Stucke, Alexa Stucke

In January, nine dedicated and enthusiastic Gr. 8 girls signed up to join the girls’ basketball team under the skilled leadership of coaches: Mrs. Kristi Stucke and her daughter Alexa.

The courage and resilience demonstrated by this group of girls was a delight as they showed vast improvement in their skill and ability level from one tournament to the next. The team had the opportunity to play in two tournaments.

The CAASO tournament was held on February 20 and the Hamilton District Christian Highschool Invitational was held on February 25. Unfortunately, our third and final tournament was cancelled due to inclement weather, rescheduled, and then cancelled again due to Covid-19.

Although the team only won a couple of games, their determination, encouragement towards one another, and willingness to learn showed a winning spirit admired by all.

One team member in particular stood out. Her dedication, strong work ethic and encouraging words were consistent throughout the season. She was a smart player, teachable and quick to learn game strategy. For these reasons, we’d like to present the Basketball Sportsmanship Award to Ada.

Boys Basketball

Coaches: Mr. Paul and Mr. McIntosh

The Grade 7/8 boys basketball team this year was a joy to work with. All of our players worked hard and brought a high level of skill to the team.

The first tournament of the season was organized by CAASO and we were able to fall into a rhythm as a team. We matched up with some opponents who were finishing their season and had a little more playing time as a team,
so we were happy to walk away with a 3rd place finish.

On February 25th the boys travelled to the HDCH tournament ready for round 2. They came out of the gate with a record 48 points in their first game. The rest of the day continued on the same track as the boys produced wins through the quarter and semi-finals. The final game was a back and forth battle and spectacular to watch with both teams displaying high levels of skilled basketball. Trinity stayed rock-solid in the final minutes of the game, scoring some 3 point daggers and making several key defensive stops to emerge champions.

Mr. McIntosh and Mr. Paul could not be more proud of the boys and thoroughly enjoyed their enthusiasm, comedic NBA player mimicking at practices, and dedication to the sport. Thank you all for an amazing season and once again congratulations on your championship.

Final Thoughts

While COVID-19 cut short our Basketball and Hockey seasons and cancelled our Ball Hockey, Track & Field and Baseball seasons, we are still thankful for the memories that were made and growth we saw in each Trinity Athlete. Some disappointment still lingers that we were not able to compete; however, we are filled with optimism about competing once again in the 2020-2021 school year. We wish our grade 8 athletes all the best as they move on to High School.