Graduating class throwing hats

We made it!

Dear Parents,

We made it! All of your children’s hard work, as well as everything you did in the background to help them succeed, has paid off. You can now enjoy some well deserved time off (at least the children can). We are so proud of each one of our students at Trinity for the way they contributed to our community throughout the school year.

Last night, we had the opportunity to celebrate with the graduating class of 2019. It was such a blessing to see how they have grown (in all senses: physically, spiritually, and academically), since coming to Trinity. The class speaker, Spencer Korol, highlighted this in his speech by reviewing all of the theme verses that they had while at Trinity and the impact that it has had and will continue to have as they leave our school. It was such a great reminder of the foundation that they have received in Christ along with their academic preparation for higher education. Congratulations once again to the class of 2019!

I would like to highlight a few more individuals that will not be returning next fall, as they insert a pause or parentheses on their time at Trinity. Ms. Celina Rose will be travelling to Europe to go on an adventure and teach abroad for a year. She will be dearly missed by students and staff alike. We would like to thank her for all of the ways that she contributes to our school, including in the classroom, the playground, and the basketball court as a coach. May God watch over you Ms. Rose and bring you back to us safely in 2020.

We would also like to thank Mrs. Amy Jansen for all that she does in our school to support our students and teachers. She will be stepping away to be a mom for a third time and will be caring for their new baby upon its arrival over the summer. We will miss her calming presence in the school and the dedication that she brings to care or the needs of students. May God bless your family as it continues to grow!

I would like to wish all of our families a safe and blessed summer. We are already making plans for next fall and are excited to see all that God has in store for Trinity!
J-D Lussier, Principal

-Please note the school calendar will be coming out next week, along with a few announcements regarding September.