spring flower

Welcoming Spring

Dear Parents,

The official arrival of Spring has certainly been a blessing to our school. We can observe this through the excitement of our students playing outside and the daily discoveries they are making, as they turn their attention to creation’s signs of rebirth with sprouts and buds emerging from their dormancy. We can equally sense an underlying lethargy that creeps in during the winter season has dissipated and has been replaced by new energy and hopefulness.

As followers of Christ, there is also an excitement building, as we think about the build-up to Christ’s final days, followed by His death and resurrection. This morning during our chapel time, Mr. Jarvis reminded us of what that final week looked like. He entitled our chapel message, “A Road to a New Beginning”, as these events truly changed the course of history along with our individual lives. He reminded us that this is not just a great story, but that the events literally took place. Jesus really rode into Jerusalem on Palm Sunday to the tune of cheers and jubilation in the crowd. He actually cleared the temple, sweat drops of blood, and endured the rejection of his people on His way to the cross.

Much like a great novel that we have read over and over again, we know how the story ends. We know that those buds and blooms will eventually turn into leaves and flowers. This is part of the excitement because we know the end will be terrific and will become a reality. We know that Jesus rises again and makes things right. It is easy though to skip over the intermediate stages and fail to appreciate the beauty and complexity of the process.

In the same way, our students are developing into Christ-followers, who are grounded in their faith and producing fruit. For some, they are still in the early stages of blooming with only small buds or tiny sprouts showing from the seeds that were planted. If we pay attention, we can see God at work, as He is helping them grow into who he has created them to be. We can also be excited and rest assured that, “He who began a good work in you will carry it on to completion until the day of Christ Jesus.” Phil 1:16.

Along the way, let’s take a few moments to pause. Let us reflect on what Jesus went through to get to the cross and not miss those details. Take a moment to observe how much your child(ren) has grown in this school year or over their time at Trinity. During this pause, let the anticipation build of what is yet to come. We have good reason to be excited because we know how the story ends….Jesus is victorious and we are too because of what He accomplished.

J-D Lussier