What we see as small, God can use for big!

Dear Parents,

Every week at Trinity, we get to learn about God’s truth. What a wonderful blessing to be a part of it and see how even our youngest students can teach us powerful lessons from God’s word. During our chapel time this morning, I was reminded by our Kindergarten class that, “What we see as small, God can use for big!” 

The example they shared with us came from Matthew 14:13-21 when Jesus used a small amount of food (5 small loaves and 2 tiny fish) obtained from a little boy, in order to do one of the biggest miracles that impacted an entire crown of thousands of people. Not only did Jesus meet the needs of everyone that was there, but he even had much more left over than when he started (12 extra baskets full!). The little that was given to God produced big results in His hands. We see this time and again in the Bible, where God uses the smallest seed to produce the biggest trees, the smallest tribe to develop the greatest leaders, a small army to defeat big kingdoms, and a handful of fishermen and unimportant people to turn the world upside down through the empowerment of His spirit.

What a powerful lesson for us to apply to our own lives. While we cannot do big things on our own, God uses the little we have for His glory. He also places us where we are to be a blessing to those around us, so that our small actions can lead to a much bigger impact. Jill Briscoe puts it this way, “The space between your two feet and any given time is your Mission field”. We are called to be faithful stewards in the small, mundane tasks of life, so that God can entrust us with bigger and bigger things as we step out in faith and obedience.

For today, I’m excited by the fact that our smallest and youngest students were used by God to be a big blessing to our community. He will continue to help them grow and in so doing use them to create a big, lasting impact now and in the future. He will also use us to be a blessing in our own circles, as we allow Him.

J-D Lussier, Principal