Bird on a lightpost

Awakening Curiosity – A Tale from Grade 2

Our first Grade 2 science lesson began with our Wonder Box. We talked about how the word "wonder" can both mean "I" or it can mean "Wow!  How WONDERful!!”. Then we went out on a "Matter Hunt" to find things that were hard, soft, rough...etc.  The class found a bird of prey as well!!
It was amazing that while the students were excitedly gathering items for their hunt on the berm, a large bird of prey rose up from our neighbour's scrap metal yard and swooped just above their heads and perched on the volleyball pole. When the students approached, it swooped to the next pole etc. Here is a picture when it perched on top of our blacktop lamp posts. 
I wish we could have gotten a better picture because we were certainly curious about what kind of bird of prey it was that was hanging out with us and left us "wonder" ing.
-Mrs. DeRaaf, Mrs. Lammers, and the Grade 2 class