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Principal’s Message


Picture of a boy helping a girl with homework.

Our theme this month at Trinity is Helpfulness. Our desire is to see students who serve and go out of their way to help each other. As Christ followers, we know that we are called to serve one another, as Jesus so vividly illustrated by washing the disciples’ feet. What makes our service so different…

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Black History Month: Resiliency & Faith

Photo of Harriet Tubman painting

Since the 1970s, Canada has designated February as Black History Month, during which we recognize the significant contributions that Black Canadians have made to our society. As early as the 1600s, we can find examples of explorers such as Mathieu Da Costa, who helped to establish the beginnings of modern-day Canada. Whether through their military…

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Showing Compassion

Girl holding up umbrella for a child

Dear parents, While we certainly want to put the emphasis on academics as a school, one of the areas that we highly value at Trinity is character development. In order to keep this a priority, we highlight a specific character trait each month and recognize students who have embodied that given trait throughout the month.…

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Protection, Peace & Pancakes

Photo of the Eternal Flame in Ottawa

While most of our students have been enjoying some snow days at home, I’ve had the chance to join our grade 8 students in Ottawa along with Mrs. Flokstra, Mr. Jarvis, and a few of our parents. The last few days have made me thankful for protection, peacefulness, and pancakes. Let me explain to you…

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The Importance of Observation

Freezing rain on a fur tree

Have you taken the time lately to stop for a moment and take notice of what is going on around you? Possibly you may have paused for a few seconds to see the ice forming on the trees and windows during our latest ice storm. In the fast paced world that we live in, it…

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Technology: Finding a Balance

Small child looking at tablet.

Dear Parents, I recently came across an article by George Couros that dealt with technology as it relates to learning. He asked the question as to whether our students are better with technology than prior generations, or rather the technology is easier to use than before. He gave the example of the iPhone, which does…

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A Lesson from Google

Photo of young women talking.

Dear Parents, Earlier this week, I had the opportunity to visit the Google offices in Kitchener-Waterloo. This included touring their facilities, as well as gaining an understanding of the culture they have created within their workplace and company. During a question-and-answer period, we were able to ask about which skill is the most important in…

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Remember Jesus this Christmas!

Photo of an outdoor manger scene.

It’s here! The last school week of the calendar year and final days leading up to Christmas are upon us. For most students (and possibly teachers too), this elicits excitement and happiness. Some might even call it pure joy, as the calendar turns towards the 24th and 25th. More often than not as adults though,…

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God’s Gift of Peace

Photo of a dove in flight.

Dear Parents, If we take a moment to look at the world around us, we are bombarded with images of conflict, chaos, anxiety, and a feeling of unrest. It is very clear that there is a longing in this broken world for peace. Thankfully, we serve a God who sent His Son to us as…

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Share the Light of Hope this Christmas

The word hope in lights.

Dear Parents, As we enter the season of advent, I am reminded of the anticipation and excitement that exists, as we wait for the arrival or coming of something. This is so evident in the faces of our children, as the excitement seems to grow exponentially by the day. As Christians, we recognize that this…

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