Colorful metal cutout of the word hope in a garden

Jesus: A Seed of Hope

Dear Parents,

Almost on cue, the energy and excitement levels seemed to increase overnight with the arrival of December 1st. Even as we started our chapel this morning with our regular “Good Morning”, there was a noticeable difference in the volume of the students’ response. Something about the Christmas season sparks something in us. While the decorations and the lights may play a small role, deep down there is also a spark of Hope that is ignited.

As Christians, we have identified what that spark is: Jesus. Just as the Holy Spirit came upon Mary to plant a seed of Hope inside her womb, in the same way God plants seeds of Hope in our hearts. Throughout our chapel, we heard about the gift of Hope from our grade 1 class. They shared some verses and songs that illustrated how Hope is connected to advent along with preparing our hearts for Jesus coming.

This is true on several levels; we discussed the historical context of the hope found in the promises from the Old Testament, the hope of a relationship with Jesus offered to us now, and the future hope of our soon coming king in which we will live with Him for the rest of eternity. Isaiah 9:2&6 prophesied that, “(Now) those people live in darkness. But they will see a great light. They live in a place that is very dark. But a light will shine on them.”

One of our students, (Jackson) reminded us that, “Hope is not wishful thinking; hope is more! It is knowing that what we long for will happen. God is coming!” We can cling to this promise and believe, because of God’s faithfulness that we see on display each day.

As the anticipation of Christmas builds and as we make our way through the advent calendar, our prayer is that Jesus’ hope will continue to grow in our hearts and produce the fruit of His presence in our daily lives.

J-D Lussier, Principal