cross overlooking a mountain range

He is Risen!

Dear Parents,

As we progress through Holy Week, I wanted to share with you a few thoughts as they pertain to Jesus’ journey from the cross to His glorious resurrection and the parallels we can trace to what we are going through today that point us to renewed hope and life in the near future. 

In many ways, we are going through a period very similar to what Jesus’ disciples went through during the final days leading up to His crucifixion. There is a great deal of uncertainty and our “normal” is being turned upside down. We have glimpses of what Jesus’ is up to, as He shared with HIs disciples the journey He must face. In John 12: 23-24, He speaks of the kernel of wheat that must die in order to produce many seeds and again in John 16 when He explains that He must go back to the Father. All the while, the disciples do not have a clear understanding of what is to take place and continue along with their routine that leads them through the Passover. All this is tossed to the side with Jesus’ arrest and ensuing death on the cross. A deep sense of grief, loss, and numbness are at the forefront of their minds.

We then get to Saturday, where as Ken Costa puts it, “There is a divine pause. The feverish activity of the week has gone. This is the end. This is silent Saturday…The day between the struggle and the solution, the question and the answer. Everyone was still. And God seemed silent.” Perhaps this is where you find yourself grappling for answers in the face of COVID-19. Maybe you are wondering what God is up to, as the news seems grimmer by the day. Maybe you too are left with more questions than answers about what we are facing. 

Ken Costa offers this hope: “In trusting and waiting on Him, you will hear Him speak in the silence…His inactivity is not apathy. It is in the silence that Christ speaks and shows Himself strong. Jesus will not leave us in our silent Saturdays.”     

Juxtapose this to God’s powerful response of Sunday. The Resurrection. Life reborn. A new, more beautiful normal. Much like Creation, which is being reborn with sprouts of green grass, buds growing on the trees, and the fragrant scent of the Earth coming to life, we too can look forward to a better tomorrow where we can congregate again together with our families, in our churches, and at Trinity. 

Regardless of whether you find yourself still on Friday, dealing with the death of your “normal”, or Saturday, waiting in silence for an answer and processing what just happened, or Sunday, coming to the realization of something new and beautiful that God is doing in you, my prayer for you is that you remain rooted in the Hope of Christ. May the message of Sunday not be lost that “He is Risen! He is Risen Indeed!

Please click here for my short video update for this week.

J-D Lussier, Principal