people looking at art at the 2nd trinity gala

The 2nd Annual Trinity Gala

Dear Parents,

Last weekend, it was a blessing to be part of our Second Annual Trinity Gala. I truly enjoyed connecting with parents and other guests that came out to support our community.

One of the highlights for me was listening to our speakers, as they shared their passion for Christian education and the positive impact it has made on their own families, as well as the immediate and broader community. For those of you who were unable to make it or want a recap, here are a few of the main ideas that stuck with me.

Mark Jurgens shared that one of the main differences between public education and Christian education is the ability to share the whole story. He gave the example of Ruby Bridges, who was the first African-American student to attend an all-white school during the first phase of desegregation. While she certainly displayed courage in the face of hardship and took a stand for what is right, she needed strength to be able to do so. In the public system, students would not have been able to discover that the source of her strength was Christ and the prayers of all of her family that were interceding on her behalf at home. At Trinity, we can share the whole story, revealing that God is the one in whom we trust.

Deani Van Pelt, President of the Edvance Christian School Association, discussed the lasting impact of Christian education. She highlighted some of the ways that graduates of Independent, Christian Schools thrive as adults by being more likely to be engaged in matters of faith, civics, and community. She went on to explain that one of the key differences in what we do is provide a personalized education for the students. Not only does it allow children to work on individual skills, but it also pushes them a step further by developing their whole person or being. By doing so, they are better prepared to work and thrive in a community of people. 

Kathy Gust talked about the impact that Trinity has had on her family, as well as the lives of other families who have gone through Trinity. She shared about the love and care that her children have received and how it has prepared her children to thrive once they started high school, particularly from a faith perspective. She also spoke about other families who desired Christian education but did not have the financial means to afford it. Thanks to the Grace Fund, more of these families have been able to join Trinity, which has been a blessing to them as well as our whole community.

While this is only a short overview of what was shared, I hope that this excites you about what God is doing in and through our school. If you missed the gala, make sure to join us for some of our other community events in the month of April and May, such as our Theater production, Celebration of Learning, and Parent/Community Night. 

J-D Lussier, Principal